Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hey! Do this and you'll get rich!

I applied for a job today that would pay me $9 an hour and is across two (about 20 minutes away). If I get the job I will work at least one weekend day... ah... it's a means to and end but still.

The only time that its hard is when my son wraps his little arms around my neck and holds me so tight because he doesn't want me to leave.... it kills me softly and slowly.... but what can I do? I teach yoga. I have an at home job (it doesn't pay much). I'm not a "secret shopper" who hasn't shopped yet, with the pay being (mainly) the items I buy I need to be picky.

Plus starting my own "yoga party" business. (live around me? wanna throw a party? CALL ME NOW!)

I told my sister today that each day feels like a week because so much happens by the time I get to here. The part that is killing me is I haven't had time to write. Not my book. Not on here. Not even in my journal. I get into bed so dead to the world all I can think is, "OK! Tomorrow, start working on your class. Type up those forms. Work on logo and fliers. Pull out more things for garage sale. Take child for walk (or to the car museum so I can hear him say "Mama! Car! WOOOOOWWW!") Try to read. Try to write. Teach husband yoga. Bath him, feed him, put him to bed. (Same for the child)... then... oh crap! CALL ABOUT EYE PILLOWS!"

It's worth it.
It will all be worth it.
When my book is published.
When my son is fed and smiling.
When we have the money to move.
Then... then I'll relax.

Until the move.
Then I'll freak out and cry a lot. (beeze, you've been warned.)

Then I'll move to L.A. and start this all over... the only difference - January, February, March & April.



  1. You make it all sound so easy! LOL!

    I'll cry too...

    Does drinks on Saturday sound good to you?

  2. Love this post. I can definitely relate to it!

  3. Drinks on Saturday sound perfect Beeze & thanks Linda. Hope you've been well. :)