Sunday, June 20, 2010

This is about L.A.

This is about L.A.

Back in 2000 I met my husband. At the time he was the boy friend of my assistant manages's older sister. There were only a few things I knew about him. I knew he loved to write, I knew he loved film, I knew he was super tall and I knew he made me uncomfortable. (Not in a bad way. In a way that was unnerving. E.g. If he stopped into my work I often left for my office because I would get all tight in the chest. I've come to realize this paralyzingly sensation was the foundation of us.)

I too was and am a I big fan of reading and writing, so my coworker (whom I'll refer to simply as K) introduced us. He had written and was shooting a film, he wanted me to be in the film. I said no. I'm not an actress. So we started talking writing and film. One day we could work together.

Moving forward I left my husband (because it was a bad match) and he left his girl friend (also not all it was cracked up to be). We found solace in whining to each other.

Our lives were over. We would never love again.

Then we made out.

In the beginning we did the normal dreamy new couple thing. Discussed our dreams and fantasies. We wanted to go here, we wanted to go there. Places what were listed included Egypt, New York City (I really do love New York) and... you guessed it! L.A.

Now it's 2010. We have a son. We have a mortgage. He has a job he hates. I just became a yoga instructor. But we still like to dream, we still love to write and we bothove movies.

Back in 2008 my hubby went to L.A. to visit a life long friend of his. I was 7 months pregnant and stayed home. Then on 2009 we both went - and as we stood there staring at FOX Studios (a.k.a. Nakatomi Tower in Die Hard) and then later standing in a balcony in the Hollywood Hills my handsome hubby looked at me and said "Lets do this. Let's move to L.A."

So we are.

Next spring we're going to take the plunge and follow our dreams. You WILL see my novels in the book stores and you WILL see his name on that big old movie screen.

Yes, some say it's smarter to just stay, that we could and/or will fail. I won't have any of that. No. Life isn't about being safe. Life is about living.

And we will in sunny SoCal. So I hope you will support me and my family in this move. Our family and friends are important to us. We love you. But this is important to us too and I would like to think next March when we have a party to say good bye, you will be there.

And I hope you'll send us all the love and support we need to do this.

Thank you for being so wonderful and understanding to say go for it! I will be here regardless because, well, I got me a iPhone and a laptop with wifi. Yes I will move, but you can't get ride of me that easy.

Love you all


  1. The worst form of failing, is not trying...Go for it! I know you'll do great!

  2. Thank B! We still need to get that beer. :-D

  3. I second what Beeze said - those who refuse to follow their dreams are the ones who truly fail.

    I believe that you and your husband are making the right decision, and that it will work out just the way you want it to. Best of luck!

  4. Thanks BW... this is why you are two of my favorite bloggers, and people.