Tuesday, July 6, 2010

the silent mind of me

i'd much rather be alone
in the still of the night
the darkest hours before dawn
wrapped inside my head
flittering about
knowing that I don't know
enjoying the mechanics 
of my 
yes, you see it is grand
years of fear of
my unknown mind
and thoughts
have finally be revealed 
as the source of 
all my joy
in the end there is a
certain amount of truth
wrapped up in the idea
you have the answers inside 
most people don't see 
them because
they're afraid they'll 
hate themselves for 
that's like hating yourself
for being alive
oh the burden of life
that we call living
i'll take that burden
because me
you see
i'm the one that 
love to be

it's when my 
truth is 

in the silent
mind of me

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