Wednesday, July 7, 2010

War & Racism

In the past few months (or maybe it's been longer and I've chosen not to pay attention) I've had people make some comments to me that were overly racist. Most days I just shrug it off. I'm not racist, I'm just not.
I don't give a rats ass where you're from, I just care you treat me right - if you don't, then we'll have issues. Otherwise... *shrug* whatever.

I don't think like that. This has brought many issues to my plate, because I make off handed comments like, "I really think this government needs an overhaul." Which I do and I have since about 2000 when I started hearing people tell me they were voting for George W. Bush (by far one of the WORSE presidents in American history) solely on one issue. <- this pisses me off. It pisses me off even more when I hear it's because of abortion. "I'm pro-life!" No you're not, you're "pro-baby." Don't talk out both sides of your face and tell me you're pro-life but we should be in Afghanistan killing "THOSE" kind of people. What kind? The ones with families? Or the once just trying to get by, just like you.

George W. Bush was about as Pro-Life as Genghis Khan, but at least Genghis Khan didn't hid behind some political curtain and pretend he was something he wasn't.

Like most politicians do.

So now it has been approved to build some super sized Mosque on the sight of Ground Zero in NYC. I'm for this. Why? Because labeling an ENTIRE CULTURE for what a handful of people did is ignorant and down right insulting to human beings everywhere.

This annoys me to no end. It pisses me off that people would rather be living in hate than realizing the picture may be, in fact, a lot bigger then the scared little person you have chosen to be.

I'd apologize, but you know what? I'm not sorry.

I'm not sorry for feeling like this. I'm not sorry for not agreeing with you. I'm not sorry one little bit. Places like the Middle East and Afghanistan are rich with history and beauty that we may never see again because of our hell bound need to go over there and "make them like us."

What the hell is so special about us? Every American I know tells me they're "nationality" is of another country. Bad new folks, if you were born here you're American. You're not Irish, Italian, German, Polish - your ancestors CAME from there, but if you have garage sales and lemonade stands you're 100% American.

So, please, tell me why you think living in fear of everyone else on the planet because they don't look like you, act like you or talk like you - makes you so special that we should model the rest of the world after you?

I'm me, I like being me and I don't want you to be me - in any way shape or form.

I still think this government needs an overhaul, and why? Because it's run by people who think this attitude and behavior is ok. Just look at AZ and Palin. This isn't the land of the free, this is the land of capitalistic pigs who think it's better to spread hate as long as it makes them richer than take the time to educate our youth into understanding diversity is a beautiful thing.

This is what anger gets you - nothing but more hate and anger.

Want to be a real hero? Go help out the millions of Americans who are dying of starvation because we have no money due to the long stupid wars were in.

Want to be a real hero?
Stop thinking your shit doesn't smell.
cuz it does.


  1. Nice rant - I agree with most of what you have said. Love the Bush/Kahn parallel - couldn't be more true.

    I'm pro choice personally, because I can't tell you or any other female what to do with her body - it's not my place to play God and tell you what's right and what's wrong. (That opinion goes over real well in the South, by the way.)

    I also don't have a problem with the mosque being at ground zero, because you're right - it's not like every single person of the Muslim faith wanted 9/11 to happen, and you're also right that you can't stereotype a religious group because of the actions of 1% of the group.

    And, people don't realize that other countries might not hate us as much as they do if we would stop being total douchebags with our "we're better than you because we're America" attitude.

    I'm against the war, and I can't believe that the American people haven't figured out that it's not about "finding the terrorists" - it never was. It's about money, oil, and power - nothing more, nothing less.

    I do find myself in favor of the AZ immigration reform for one reason - they are enforcing a federal law that hasn't been enforced simply because we're too caught up in hurting people's feelings by saying "hey buddy, you don't have legal paperwork to be here, you need to a)fill out said paperwork, or b) leave", so we just let anyone come from anywhere, legal or not, and it bogs down our public services that are designed to help those who are legally allowed to be here.

    I'm not being a racist, by the way. I'm all for immigration, but I'm also for coming to America the right way, paying your taxes, and being a legal citizen just like I am. I don't care if you're white, black, green, or orange - but we shouldn't patronize illegal aliens just because we don't want to offend people of Hispanic heritage.

    As for Sarah Palin - the world would be a much better place if someone would take her on an expedition to Antarctica and "forget" to bring her back, and if someone would be so kind, please take Nikki Haley with her.

    Our government does need an overhaul, but I'm afraid that even if we took everyone out and replaced them with someone else, we would find ourselves right back in the same place within 3 years time.

    Oh, and one last thing - you are exactly right in not apologizing. You have every right to feel the way you do, and I applaud you for having the guts to say it.

  2. I meant to respond to this right after I accepted your comment, but writing on my phone is a pain in the old butt... lol.

    Thanks for reading and your comment. I do agree with you on most things. As for "Pro-Life" my comment it comes from the people I've met who tell me they're pro-life but go on to tell me they're pro war and hunting, etc. I'm very much a dedicated vegan down to the point I considered getting my wedding ban tattooed on so I don't have to wear a metal that was mined by people. (I don't think it's fair people need to die for me to tell the world I'm married).
    As for everything in this world I'm pro-education. READ EVERYTHING. LEARN AS MUCH AS YOU CAN! DON'T TAKE THEIR WORD FOR IT! FORM YOUR OWN OPINION!!

    I have no right to tell you how to live your life, just as you have no right to tell me how to live mine and I commend you for having and keeping a stand in part of the country that will belittle you (a man) for that opinion.

    What we put out there is what we get back. If we wake up everyday hating the world all we're going to see is all the hate there is out there. This world isn't all bad, there are moments and things - people and places that are beautiful and wonderful and we shoot first and ask questions later. It's a sad shame.

    I wish more people were concerned about the Oil Spill than if LeBron James is leaving Cleveland. I wish more people took notice of how terrible the conditions of factory farming is over who Tiger Woods nailed.

    I wish for a lot of things.

    I can't make people agree with me 100% of the time, all I can do is have a firm resolve on my on opinions and beliefs and accept that standing for something may be hard, but having no opinion just would make me part of the complacency problem that blankets this country.

    Like I said, I respect people like Genghis Khan, because at least he was who he was and didn't rely on others to help pull the wool over the eyes of the world.

    Say what you mean - mean what you say. Life is easy, stop mucking it up with games and riddles.

    (**side note: I'm not against the U.S. holding firm on the laws that have approved. I'm against the comments I hear about the immigrants. I'm against all the "-isms" - they're about as useful as a glass of bleach when you're dying of thirst.)

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