Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Road Trip USA

In a little over a week my family and I are heading out west on a cross country road trip. This has been a dream of mine since childhood and I can NOT wait to go. Today I ordered a triptick from AAA, started research online for veggie friendly places to eat. Contacted some old friends about meeting up! And NOW I'M EVEN MORE EXCITED!

Up next... I'm gonna blog about it. Yup! Weekly Adventures on the road - maybe now my name will make even more sense (or some at all).

My route is 80/90 West to 76 to 70 and down to L.A. I'm taking requests. If you know of any places that are cool or restaurants that are great or an awesome place to hang out - check out - visit! Let me know!

I'm bringing my trusty laptop!
My digital camera!
and a sense of humor - god knows I'm gonna need it with a 22 month old in the car.

oh my god... I'm seriously giddy! Yippiee!!

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