Friday, September 17, 2010

Condensed Vacation !!

I'm sure I'm just losing my mind. See, I've spent the better part of this week doing research on all things military related, from types of artillery, the mobility of certain tanks, capacity of vehicles intended for human occupation to the history of how versatile the American Armed Forces are and even the personal history of Gen Douglas MacArthur - whom I now have a lot a respect for.

So why am I losing my mind? Because last week my head held nothing but poetic ideas of the scenic imagery of a long trip from Ohio to California and back. And now I'm finding myself excited over the idea of just how agile the Sryker MGS really is.

Not necessarily a bad thing - just something different. Pretty sure the cobwebs in my gray matter has been wiped clean.

But speaking of that vacation - I do believe I said I would come back and tell you a little more about it, outside of wondering what people wanted out of their lives these days. So here is my highlight reel.

First night out - we made it to Effingham, IL - honestly couldn't tell you much about the place outside of us staying in a Best Western (I think) and that my son lost his mind at the idea of being in the same room as us when we slept - this is a big no, no at home - so the little fella was elated. Then he woke up screaming and ended up in bed. Not so bad but the 3'+ child took up the entire bed and yes... that cute little tush I love so much, I found it nestled next to my pillow and just as I did - he farted.

The next day as we were heading out of IL I asked if my husband would like to take a break and that I could drive - he wouldn't let me drive the entire vacation. I know what you're thinking, I must be a bad driver, I say NAY! You see in the nearly 20 years I've been driving I've had (count them) 2 tickets - TWO! In the past two years my husband has had about 6.........
This comes into play, as we are cruising down the 44 and I say to him, "If you have to speed at least stay out of the fast lane. We're in a bright red car. It's like you're asking for a ticket."

"Oh, we're fine."

So after we got pulled over and the nice State Trooper handed us the $75 dollar speeding ticket not five minutes after my comment - I asked to drive again... still no dice.

This was a point of contention the entire trip, but he didn't receive any more tickets so I can't complain. (even though I just did)

This brought us to New Mexico - which if you haven't seen it is beautiful. (there were other places but ID, IL, OK, & MO all look the same. There are a lot of trees. A lot of over sized crosses. A lot of billboards that tell you god hates Obama and this stupid ass Tea Party crap is good. Fireworks & porn. A lot of Porn. So I'm skipping it. Except for this place - the Meramec Caves - cuz it's cool.) But New Mexico is just beautiful. The colors are amazing to see and I wish I could have just hung out. The place is poor, New Mexico is the poorest state in the Union, but there was something about it.

My only warning is if you check it out be conscious of where you're at - We stayed in a shady hotel that we shouldn't have and 4 police cruisers, 2 ambulances, and 1 detective car later... it was a bit scary.

Outside of scary the other thing that turned my stomach was just outside of Amarillo, Texas. I had the privilege of seeing a factory farm... It ruined my day. The place is called Quality Beef and if you're getting your meat from there... well, it would probably be more sanitary to eat road kill.

But scary and gross really were the center of the whole trip. Honestly I had a great time. I'm having to cut this entry short because my son is waking from his nap, but here is another photo that sums it up for  me. Its me and my fam on Route 66 - one of the few family photos we have.

And here is why it was funny even at the moments when it could have been bad...

Hope you have a great day!! Off to learn about hand to hand combat (he swings his arms when he's grumpy... I have the black eye to prove it!) Ommmm!

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