Sunday, September 26, 2010

Some Place Fresh - Revisited!

Life is such a funny thing.
Each week I intend to come on here and write.
Each week eludes me - stealing away all of my time. Next thing I know it's been weeks.

OR - if I do have a moment to come on here I begin to write and abandon my posts half way through with a shrug and a, "no one wants to read this crap."

There is something about this blog that I love with ever ounce of my being. It was originally named "Some Place Fresh" because I abandoned Myspace an my blog on there. I found blogger and made it my blogging home and my blogging sanity. Yes, sometimes I grasp at format and assume a position on a topic - but still this blog in mostly and whole heartily intended to vent.

And vent I shall.

You see, as I went over a fraction of my vacation there is something I didn't talk about. That first night we left Ohio behind and set out to live that inter-continental dream of driving from (near) coast to coast - I had a dream. (and not in the sense of the late great MLK jr. - but I have those sometimes too) But I did. That first night after teaching and then driving for 15 hours - I laughed as my son tore around like a mad man in our tiny hotel room. I smiled as my husband fell asleep and my heart was warm as I lay in that bed with the crib to the left of me and the snoring man to my right.

And then I slept.

The dream was long and there were a lot of parts. Now, you have to know, I dream in color. I dream loud. I dream so vividly that I've thought I had done things when I was awake that I had never done. Met people I have never met. My dreams have always been like this - I've written stories based on them.

Including one about Batman.

But they're just dreams. Yet, somehow, this one was different. There was so much too it, tiny oddities that even while sleeping I though "I need to remember that. That's important." But the one thing I remember through and through was this one line spoken to me, "Aryn. You're doing too much. You need to make a choice."

I thought about this, and as you can see, I still do. The entire thing was just different. How it felt. How it smelled. Who was in it. How I felt the next day.

So this is my choice. My choice is to write my book. My choice is to live yoga. My choice is to vent here. That's what this blog was intended for. I'm not a news source - even though I still have a great deal of passion for animals and vegan rights - I can't do it any more and maintain my life.

I can barely get out of my house long enough to detox. And EVERYONE needs to detox. There are days I want to pull my hair out by my roots and run around the neighborhood naked screaming at the top of my lungs because its just too much.

So I'm editing.

That doesn't mean I won't be on here - I will, maybe even more - but I won't be talking about things I have been for the last few months. I'm going back to Some Place Fresh. I'm editing myself back to the beginning of this blog. Talking about the things I love, music that moves me, books, television, movies - poetry.

I wish you all well and send you my love. May you be working on your Life Lists (that is something I'm still doing daily). May you think of one beautiful happy thought just before you go to sleep and when you wake up, may there be a smile on your lips.

Live. Sing. Vent. Play. Love.

that's what life is for ;)

Till next time

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