Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Blame Game

Here it is, my rant. This rant is about the "blame" game. There is nothing I hate more because at the end of the day all you get out of pointing a finger is avoiding whatever the real problem is.

A couple breaks up / divorces - take sides
Friendship falls apart - draw a line in the dirt

Everything stops long enough to show who is right and who is wrong - who is good and who is evil. And this pisses me off because its not that simple.

Humans are not simple.

"They used me!" Chances are you used them too. No - this does not apply to everything. This doesn't mean that there aren't bad people out there - there are. But in general - you are responsible for your own life so place your energy into that life and make it the best possible life ever. DON'T spend all your time getting involved in petty crap. DON'T assume that the one side you hear is the right and only side. DON'T be the person that dumps your problems on someone else because it's easier to pretend you're something your not.

Perfection is a myth.

You have a better chance of heading down to the south west border and netting yourself a chupacabra then serving the thing up for dinner on Thanksgiving. There is just no such thing as perfection. No one is always right. No one is always wrong. In general we are all doing the same thing in this world - we're trying to survive and sometimes in that survival it's very easy to think that there is an "easy way" or that we can find an out by blaming the next guy.

It's the blame game.

Its not you, it's me
He treated me like crap (why? 'cause he didn't jump at your voice?)
She is a nag (why? 'cause you don't listen when she speaks?)

We run, we hide, we pretend things are something they aren't, we try to relive that moment in our life we loved so much and then we miss so much more.

There is to much crap in this would you can't control - the blame game isn't one of them. Be a man/woman and admit you're wrong and at the same time - stand up for yourself. Go out and get the things you want but do it the right way.

Some things in this world just are what they are and over time they're nothing but a blip on the radar of our lives - our short lives - instead of wasting it with words that are bitter and cruel... keep your mouth closed and nod.


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