Friday, October 29, 2010

A break!

Most days I feel that life is a beautiful thing, and today really is no different, it's just that today I'm crabby. I'm crabby because, we'll I'm not sure - mostly because I choose to be. The last two days I've just been in a little pity party mood that makes me want to only look at the negative things in this world.

What a crappy way to waste your day.

I suppose that it's stress, but the stress in my life is self induced. Not that I've headed out looking for things to be stressed about, but the things I want out of life have lead to stressful situations. Between moving across the country to writing this book, from longing to be a stay a home mom to finding more gigs as a yoga instructor. Everyday is an adventure that, after an extended mount of time, has led me to a tired plane of crabby.

I do try to look at the bright side and fine the rainbow (and even find the double rainbow - regardless of what it means) but some times the only thing you can see is about a foot in front of you and while your logical side may be telling you to shut up and just hold one because NOTHING will last forever, even this crappy feeling - you can't.

I can't.

So I'm taking a break from it all to just stop and smell the flowers because working 24/7 is just too stressful and while yes - I DO want to have my book done on time so I can progress to the next level - yet I want to be sane to enjoy it.

All of life can be work but sometimes a little play will make that work much more enjoyable and then much more productive.

This weekend is Halloween and my son will be a horse/cowboy (without legs - it was a cheap costume, but he seems to like it a lot). And tomorrow I'm going to a grownup party where I'll be child free for one night - which rarely happens any more. But for now I must go play "tickle the toddler" before we eat lunch and I need to stop looking at the deadlines like execution dates and know that everything will happen if I'm in a good mood or bad - so I may as well be in a good mood or otherwise I'm just going to have a crappy time.

And who the hell wants that?

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