Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm grateful for Facebook

For the last 22 days on Facebook I have attempted to start my day by posting a status that list something I'm grateful for. This had become increasingly hard, the longer the month grows I find myself lost at 5:30am without a thankful thought to be seen. Now, don't get me wrong, there are many things I'm grateful for like people in my life, people who aren't in my life, memories, anticipated future happenings and a thousand other things all the way down the aglet on the end of our shoelaces because I like to say that word - aglet.

So I'm upping the ante on this little daily practice of gratitude. First, I'm not stopping until the end of 2010 and second I'm going to try to be more honest, because lets face it - when it's on a website dedicated to connecting people (some of whom you haven't seen in 15-20 years) we may bend the truth just a little bit or say we're grateful for thing we really don't care about.

I can't say that I've gone as far as to manufacture things to like, love, be grateful for, etc - but there are days I didn't really try. (I'm thankful for poppycock)

I am human after all. Subject to change without warning all because of a little internal voice I choose to quiet though yoga and meditation. And when I don't practice on my mat and I don't meditate for over a week - that voice comes back with a vengeance. I'm not a fan of this voice, but over the last few years it's gotten quiet and when it suggests I do something stupid my other voice says, "Think we'll skip that. Didn't you want to dig out that copy of Dune? OH! COCONUT ICE CREAM!"

With that said, even though I posted things I'm grateful for today I'm going to post on here too to get this more honest thankful ball rolling.


-I'm thankful that I'm 35 because at 35 I can look myself in the mirror without a ton of makeup and still think I'm pretty.

-I'm thankful for farting, because it's funny even if it is tacky and smells bad - it's funny.


-I'm thankful that I convinced myself at a young age I'd never get married and forced myself to learn about all sorts of things like cooking, basic automotive care, and haggling just to name a few. And why does that have anything to do with being single or married? Because I felt if you planned on getting married you only had to know half, then the person you were with would know the other. [What can I say, I was 7.]

Being thankful for what you have and who you are is only half of what life is - being honest is the other. If you are willing to lie to yourself about stupid things like vanity weight and ego - than you're probably willing to lie about other things. A lie is a lie is a lie. White lies included. If your friend looks bad in a dress she tries on, be tactful and tell her because you know you wouldn't want your friend to lie to you.

When you sit down this week and celebrate this American Holiday of Thanksgiving - if you choose to say something you're thankful for - be honest. If you're only thankful that the stuffing doesn't have celery in it, say that, because making up a pile of things that sound as if they should be in some Gerard Butler, Hilary Swank vehicle - you need to remember that was written by a writer - it's not real.

Love. Truth. Honesty. Faith. Self-approval. = Freedom.

What are you thankful for? Oh, one more. I'm thankful that you read this. :)


  1. I'm thankful that we reconnected after far too many years!

  2. I agree! We should hang out again and soon! Before Beeze #3 comes home!!