Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wishing, hoping and dreaming....

Do you think there is a website out there where you can go make a wish and know it will come true? Like a wishing well of the web! I'm sure there is, I haven't looked, chances are I will before I even finish this post.

I'm also sure it will cost a certain amount of money or maybe they'll suggest a donation - because one thing is for certain, when people are wishing really hard, someone else is seeing a way to profit on it. This can be good, this can be bad, but most times it ends the same.

Wishes that were never granted...

I want you to sit there and for a moment I want you to close your eyes (after your read the next portion of course). I want you to close your eyes and let the world fall away and then I want you to ask yourself what the one thing is that you would wish for?

What is that one dream you've always wanted?

I wish upon stars, numbers, auspicious dates... I've probably wished upon you one time or another. Just to see if it would work, hey, you never know - some say diamonds are a girls best friend. I say having a good luck person is just as delightful.

And I found this site (its free and I was wrong) where you can make a wish online and then find magic, potions and all the goodies for netting that dream, reeling it in and then mounting it on the walls of your life for everyone to see. But be careful. Be sure you really want your wish... So what should I wish for?
World Peace?
Mounds and mounds of vegan chocolate?!!


I wish.... (I can't tell you. Then it won't come true for sure!)

I wish and hope and dream and pray every day of my life. I complain and I get depressed and I find excuses a lot of the time too, but in the end the first half wins out. In the end I believe in my heart that everything happens for a reason, all the bad along with all the good. I believe that life is to short to get hung up on the crappy stuff - even though it's hard and I believe that my wishes will come true. Maybe not exactly how I thought they would but they do.

And I'll smile and I'll laugh and I'll be happy - because outside of writing and becoming a yoga instructor that is the only things I've ever really wanted to be.

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