Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Yes. It's rendered me mad.

When you wake up one morning and decided that it's all or nothing, suddenly things begin to change in your life. You look around and start to see the possibilities in your life rather than the limitations - this is one of the many things I tell myself daily!

Yes - there is one thing standing in between us and our move to sunny Los Angeles California and that is money. Who, pray tell, decided money should exist?? I want to know this (I'm assuming it was those damn Romans) because when I build my time machine (to hell with your science Stephen Hawking & you're "we can only move forward" crap) I will be heading back in time and kicking the el crap-o out of the dude. And let's face it... it was a man. Not being sexist, just attune to history is all.

Maybe I should hit the old "wikipedia" to find out what they have to say on the subject... Looks like it wasn't the Romans! But you did nothing to stop it, so you're on the list too my friends. It was a pre-Greek civilisation called the Phoneicia. They started with trading and then realized carrying cattle with you was just a bit too cumbersome... hm... I admire your ingenuity but still. But still... They also invented the alphabet that the Greeks adopted and that we later adopted - seeing that I'm a big fan of the alphabet I can't be all mad at them, but STILL! COME ON!

[here is another site on the Phoneicia if you're all anti-wiki.]

Moving on. So this push for money has led me to cleaning and preparing to sell everything that I can give to lose and you know what I've come to realize? No one should ever give me money and say, "Get whatever you want!" Because that means, "Seriously, go buy some crap you'll never look at again and put it in your basement/attic/bedroom closet." Really, do I NEED all of this crap??

Between that and working (aka - teaching yoga) and making the eye pillows (you should buuuy sommmeee!) and I just recorded a yoga nidra CD and I'm going to be doing a few more and then some guided meditation. All of that plus, packing, being a mom/wife and trying to journal and meditate... my writing has come to a near halt.



I have sat down this morning and written out a play by play plan on how I'm going to do all of the stuff I need to do. All of it will be done. It will. Including the book. YOU WILL NOT... I'll stop with the caps, but I'm going to do this. And why? Because I'm sick and tired of giving up on things because it gets a little hard. That is the summation of my life. Too hard? Who cares! Just sit on your butt and do nothing.

Take on so much I just shut down. OVER! You will not, I repeat, WILL NOT get me to quit this time. You and your sly way of convincing me that I deserve to watch 14+ hours a TV a week. That is a punishment! That is the crime! SO IT IS OVER!

Just like this blog is! Because this was just a stop in my crazy day of selling stuff on the old Craig's List. Plus I need to write. How else am I going to be a writer? Exactly.

I'll just spell it out: Finish book -> Move to L.A. -> Have book do famously -> Use fortune to hire scientists to figure out the whole backward "time travel" thing -> Go back to 1500 BC -> Berate the Phoneicians for trading and later creating money.

Then - nap.

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