Monday, December 20, 2010


I've come to the conclusion I know nothing
I came to this conclusion years ago
but every time I think I'm figuring it out
I'm wrong

And it's not like I'm an imbecile
I can function properly with the best of them
but still
I know very little when it comes to humankind

How can I when even they don't

how fluid like water we are
rolling in and out of situations
molding to form
becoming slightly stagnate
then rushing right by

How can you know what form water will take
when you don't know where its

I've stood corrected so many times
I stand corrected right now
or maybe I'm just baffled

I'm something

I'm tired

I know nothing because there is nothing really to know
it is what it is
and I can only keep rolling
I too may mold at each nook
at each turn

but I can't sit
I won't become stagnate
and if that means there are things I'll never understand
than, I guess thats just how it's meant to be.

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