Sunday, January 23, 2011

Are you gonna read me baby?

Ten years ago there were things out there called "'zines." These were homemade magazine that spoke about certain topics, like, skateboarding, music reviews, poetry, and on and on and on. But now it's ten years later and the internet has become affordable and accessible (even at Arby's) so here we are with the invention of the "Blog." A "WeB Log" (if you didn't realize that's where the name came from...)

With sites such-as blogger, Live Journal, Wordpress (just to name a very select few) - blogging is free and with so many people being around it no longer costs $200 a year for a URL. (which it did once a long time ago)

Blogs are everywhere. Blogs are where you want to be, ESPECIALLY if you're a write. You had better have a blog or two. A person blog is a must, blogging for others is even better - doing both at the same time will help generate more traffic to your site! And that's what we all want, right? Readers. We're writers goddamn it! READERS WHERE ARE YOU?!

Ten years ago you made your little 'Zine and then you went to kinkos and you made a ton of copies. If you were really lucky you had a mailing list of people and you actually got people to take out ads. Now you whore yourself out for people to just click the "follow" button at the top of the page - after that who cares! The number to the right is essential to your blogs life - just like ads and mailing lists was way back when...

You don't have an advertising department.
Hell, you don't have a budget! HA! That's something RICH people have... MONEY! LOLOLOLOL! (I'd LMAO but my A fell O years ago... it's a sad story. I'll save it for another post.)
So you really need to have a catch.

"Hi! I'm Sally! I blog about [insert catchy idea here]"

Now, this is where the money is at, you need to get out there and start NETWORKING! Find as many like minded blogs out there that you can find! I'm not joking even a little bit. Set aside an hour a day and get to googling the hell out of every label or tag you've ever posted on your blog posts and find others blogging about the same thing. DON'T feel threatened by this - you're still you which automatically makes you different because you've had a different life and that is just that. You need their help, these other bloggers, so you need to find their sites, read their blogs, COMMENT on their posts and then say, "Hey! You wanna swap links?" or "If you talk about me I'll talk about you!"

It's scary and hard and if you think about it too much you'll get a head ache because it really is that moment in grade school when the teacher tried to explain the universe to you and you just stared out the window for the rest of the class because trying to wrap your 7 year old head around "Infinity" wasn't going to happen. Or was that just me?

Know this - no you're not alone out there BUT that means YOU'RE NOT ALONE OUT THERE! Having support is important because it can get lonely out here in cyber space... Trust me, I know... I have a few followers, whom I love. I do! I LOVE YOU ALL YOU CUTE LITTLE CUDDLY FOLLOWERS! I'M SENDING YOU ALL CYPERHUGS RIGHT NOT! (and yelling too!)  - but I'm tried and true to being inconsistent with no center theme outside of myself.

And let me just clarify - I'm pretty wicked rad so in my book thats A-OK! But it does limit my audience. Hell, I don't think my husband even reads me... I'm not sure he KNOWS I even have a blog... Suddenly I know what tomorrows dinner conversation will be about...

And I've also tried to theme the heck out of my weekly adventures - it's not like I don't have passions: Veganism! (SAVE THE ANIMALS!) And my love of Yoga - I AM a yoga instructor for Krishna's sake! There is also my BELOVED love of writing. LOVE IT! and lets not forget my secret obsession with food and DESSERTS! (This isn't a secret. I talk about food all the time) & MUSIC! I love, love, love music.

So in theory I could easily get all "Julie and Julia" on your butt - but at the end of the day it's hard for me to find the time to come on here and when I do I like to just disgorge all the emotionally built up words that have been lodged in the crevasse of my head. Or is it dislodge? Well, I guess the ideas "dislodge" as I "disgorge" all over this site...

But that's me.
What is your thing? What do you want to write about?
People will read you. Oh baby, they will. You're just going to have to want it. You're going to have to want it enough to have a Facebook and Twitter account. And then you're going to have to blog - some say two, but I think 3 days would be better. And you're going to have to want it enough that you'll be patient. The internet wasn't built in a day...

Send me your links! I'll post them on here. My 25 followers will check you out - well, I know for a fact that 3 of them will and you know who they are? BLOGGERS!  WOORRRTTTHHH IIIITTTT!

So what have we learned? Its time to get out there and get to meet new people! Tell them your name! Get them to write about you and you can write about them.
We have also learned that I like to jump over all the place and I think chaos is funny.

My last piece of advice is just a general tidbit - If you try you are not a failure, a failure is a person that seals their fate before lifting a finger with comments like, "It's not like anyone will read me." And the biggest one of all... Just because someone ELSE can't do it in no way mean that YOU can not.

And send me you're links. I really need new things to read.
Here's one for you -



  1. Sometimes writing feels a bit like art in a vacuum. Musicians perform in front of their audiences, galleries are a public affair, but reading? Reading is private. It's done in secret, between the sheets or self-consciously on public transportation. We never see our readers and we rarely have the opportunity to discus their experiences with them. Blogs may have introduced a new medium for our word cascades but they are clouded in the anonymity of the internet. If our readers do sign in, they're cloaked in their avatars.

    So I've been making a sincere effort to reach out to fellow artists who have created something I enjoyed in order to tell them, hey, I liked that. I want to see more. Fictitious Adventures was saved three or four times by anonymous one-line interventions.

    So thanks for the reminder to keep connecting. Writing is not the soloist act that it often pretends to be. We are a community, writers and readers alike.

    And thanks also for posting a link to my site on your site. I hope you're enjoying reading/watching/listening to/playing my short stories as much as I enjoy writing them.

    For those of you who haven't visited yet, I hope to see you soon beneath some of my imaginary travels.


  2. Great post. I never thought about the googling/networking idea. You know what's so silly...when I started blogging, I thought the tags were simply pithy little summaries about your post instead of categories/ways for people to search categories of topics. I have always meant to go back and correct that. Ahhh...the to-do list.

  3. Crystal - You're very right. People say that music is the only art form you can not see and writing seems to be the art from where you rarely see the composer.

    I'm glad to help. I love writing, I have my whole life and I've wanted nothing more than to be a writer - but it scares me because of all the what if's and when you walk into those super sized book stores...
    I think the influx of writers that will be produced in this generation from removing some of the road blocks will be a wonderful thing. And I think by coming together as a community it will also help writers thrive.

    I'm excited to read your blog! Thank you for following me!

    Lipstick - Thank you for such a nice comment. When I started blogging I didn't even use the labeling area. I think about going back and fixing it, or not writing silly ones (like I tend to do) but I know I won't. Maybe in the future I'll get my act together and apply myself. (In my head my 6th grade teacher's voice is chiming, "Aryn, if only you'd apply yourself!"

    I love your blog, btw. I wish you all the luck in the world!


  4. Hey Aryn,
    I'm ur newest follower. Loved the post, I too wish you the best of luck! Listening to School of Seven Bells, check them out. Come over and visit when you can.
    See ya,
    Readaholics Anonymous

  5. Ah ha, been trying to go that, find writing blogs like mine, silly me I write fiction and tagged the pages with the character's names. hm...?

    interesting advice and humor in here, thanks.

  6. Dana,
    Thank you for following me and also for suggesting the band! I'm excited to check them out. I have the page loading as I type this :) I'll also head over to Readaholics Anonymous.
    Music and reading = and awesome way to spend the night (and day. Since its only 2 in the afternoon... ;-) )

    I think the whole "tagging" or "labeling" thing is hard to grasp at first. Between being new to blogging and then thinking about the marketing side of the whole affair. It's like going to pair on a super tight budget - you want to be encompassed by the ambiance of a beautiful city and not have to worry about the, well, money. Money ruins everything...

    I'll check out your blog! Thank you for following me and I'm glad that I could help.

    Wishing you both a great day,