Monday, February 21, 2011

Me? Stylish? SO Stylish I got an award?!! Well yes I did!!!

Back on February 16th, which really wasn't that long ago, but I'm feeling a bit behind the times on this... Anyway, back on the 16th awarded me a Stylish Blogger Award! And let me tell you - that kinda made my whole week! :)

But by becoming a stylish blogger there are some rules! They are 

1. You must link back to the person who gave you the award to let them know you accept.
2. You must share 7 things about yourself (which are located below after my list)
3. Pass the award on to 15 recently discovered bloggers and let them know about the award.

Giving and receiving awards is always fun. It let's you know your readers appreciate you and just makes your day! It also gives you the opportunity to let special bloggers out there know how much you enjoy reading them! Hope you are all having a lovely Tuesday. Here are some blogs I have recently started reading, you should check them out!


7 Things about me!

1.  Besides the 15 people I listed I read these four blogs too:
I follow them and read them because I love their blogs, I've been reading them since I created this blog (nearly 2 years ago) and The BEEZE is one of my oldest friends!

2.  I'm vegan. I like to talk about being vegan, but I try to come from the "Health" side of the story rather than the real reason I'm vegan - "Animal Cruelty". I don't approach people with that angle often because most seem to see the villagers carrying pitch forks and torches. And that really is never a good opening argument. I just like animals a WHOLE bunch. They're smushy.... 

3.  I'm married and have 1 child and I love it better than I ever remotely liked being childless.

4.  I love words. When I was 13 I was obsessed with the word Omni and I still think it's kinda cool.

5.  I wanted to be a fighter pilot until I was 7. It was 1983. Two things changed that - First my uncle made me aware that woman couldn't be fighter pilots in the American Arms Forces (because they were overly lame and sexist - which I think they kinda still are at times) and I got my first set of glasses... Impair vision is a no-no. I'm pretty sure I wrote a poem about it and how let down I was that I would never be a pilot - but hey - it led me to writing!

6.  Omni

7.  I feel that #6 was a bit of a copout so I think I may have to write a #8.

8. I'm a yoga teacher and it's the coolest job I ever had because I get to help people. I get to help people slow down, to relax and to find who they are inside. AND I get to listen to cool music when I do it.

9. <- because #7 was a copout too - I've given up smoking, drinking, I'm down to 1 cup of coffee a week and I'm fine with that - but the idea of giving up chocolate makes me into a stereo-type and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Thank you again Hungrygirl for the Stylish Blogger Award! Have a great week!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Zombie Insomnia...

I may be so tired at this exact moment that I will fall over and plant my face on this here key board and let the sleep begin. I'm not kidding. That sounds slightly wonderful.

Last night I dreamt of zombies.

Yes. The worlds perverse obsession with all things undead crept into my sleeping brain, terrifying me with the idea of a plague that would turn everyone into some weird scary looking zombie. And here's the kicker. It wasn't the zombies that bother me. No, I'm way to desensitised to even consider rotting corpses an issue - it was my son.

In the dream when we heard of the devastation that was coming our way my husband and I took our boy to a friends house in the middle of nowhere Ohio. They too had a small child, but their area was secluded and safe.

And then we left.

Give me a break. There is NO WAY I'm leaving my child... unless...

Unless I knew it was the only way to keep him safe.

The weird thing is that I woke up. Usually if I wake up and I fall back to sleep a new fandangled dream creeps into my brain, taking me on another journey into the abyss that is my subconscious - but not this time. No... it was just later... YEARS later.

The couple who was protecting our son was down to only the man. I don't know how the woman and child died - or even if they did - but they were gone, and my son was older. He was closer to 6 or 7, not the 2 years of age I'm enjoying (most days) so much. And the man... well he was worn beyond his years.

We, my husband and I, were in the city working to dispense a vaccine, but the numbers surged and we knew it was time to flee - so we did. We ran to the country to find our baby boy and the family that had been keeping him, when we got there we realized the man had been infected. He was sitting in an old rocking chair playing the guitar, sweating profusely and relief washed over his face as we ran into the room.

I held on as long as I could, he told me and then left us alone with our boy, who I hugged like it was my only way to breath. There was a gunshot followed by screams, that was when we realized they had followed us... that was when I realized we would probably die too.

My son would be taken from me.

And I forced myself away.

I forced myself to open my crusty eyes.

I forced my tired and aching body to sit up and look around the room. And then I went down stairs and picked up my son and hugged him like it was the only way to breath.

My husband looked at me like I was crazy, but the dream was to vivid...

Now it's hours later and I'm tired... I should lay down but I'm afraid if I do - the dream will come back... maybe only if I dream in bed? What kind of dreams will I have on this here keyboard?
...hmm... I'll be sure to let you know.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The mighty mississippi metaphor of a life time!

Everyone has a right to their own opinion. That is just a matter of fact. At the end of the day the essence of who we are is a combination of our thoughts and actions. They say, "You are what you eat." This is true just as you are what you think - there for you are entitled to your own opinion because it molds you into the person you are.

I look at life like a river - something along the lines of the Mississippi, because of how it uniquely metamorphosis terrain from state to state. Hell, from mile to mile, the vast beast that is the Mississippi can be dry in one spot an a bottomless pool the next. Samuel Clemens coined his pen name Mark Twain from his work on this monstrous river when he was a mere boy who's job was to measure the depth of the murky brown water, ensuring river boats could make it from their launch to dock.

See. It's just like life. Up, down, back, forth, left, right = life.

But one thing that amazes me about any great rivers like the Mightly Mississippi is how there are always pockets of stillness. A pool of water that's surface looks like glass - yes even the Mississippi sometimes just - stops.

But don't let this fool you, for in the next moment she will rear her cloudy head and flood your basement if you are standing to close to her shores. But maybe that isn't a bad thing. Maybe it was time you unloaded the basement of all those things you forgot you owned anyway?

Change it the greatest thing out there that we can do for ourselves. Evolve into a better version of who you are and rise to the next challenge, yes, this is how I feel I'm meant to live with my life. At times my life pools into a stagnate body, but that's not an issues, well, unless I choose to stay there too long.


It happens even if you don't want it to, so I say get out there and create it! No, it may not turn out how you expected it to, but it could turn into something even greater.

That's where I am in my life and that is where I have been in my life for the last four years. Change.

New house, new baby, new career, new everything! I even weight 30lbs less than I did 4 years ago and I've grown an inch - it's a whole new me and STILL it's changing!

There are days I'm copacetic with it, with all the change, and then there are days I want to yell at the heavens that I can't take any more! The one thing we all know is that change usually mean something tumultuous is also occurring - that is the part I can do with out. I can do with out the nay-sayers.

Seriously. It's tacky. When someone you know, kinda know, or have heard of - when they are doing something that makes them smile it's tacky to attack them and say what they are doing it terrible. If you don't like it, then don't be part of it. DON'T SAY ANYTHING. Getting all half cocked and spouting off your mouth with your sky high ideals is just irritating.

But you're entitled to your own opinion, and I to mine.


Life is a very fun thing, if you let it be and I try to let it be. Even when it's bad, I try to learn from it and move forward. I try not to stay to long in those stagnant pools, and not because it's just "too good" for me, but because of what happens to water when it sits too long - it smells terribly. It rots and it evaporates - which just leads to some change I refused to acknowledge I needed.

Yes - this is a big old "VENT!!!" - that's all it is. It's simply my opinion... and in my opinion I really need to get to work. Soon the nap will be over.

Remember the next time you hear something that makes you stand back and gasp - maybe you need to not say anything at all, because maybe, just maybe - it's not about you. :)

Much love

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Musics - its the best teacher ever

I'm sitting here at 10 on a snowy Saturday night making up my play list for my Rock 'n Roll Yoga class on Monday. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't over thinking this... I am.

I dream about it. I sweat about it. I've been going to classes or practicing at home for the last 5 days straight... just to keep my game up!

I have my copies made and my mats. I have... me! So tonight I'm working on my play list... what songs will I play. I know I want to open with the Stones "You can't always get what you want" (it's always good to let the people know they have no choice in this matter) and I want to end with Mumford & Sons, "Awake My Soul" - that give me what? 5 minutes of music - so I sit here filling in the middle not sure where this will take me. So I add a dash of Pixies, "Here comes your man", a pinch of the Clash "I'm not Down", the Who, "I'm Free" - I even have David Bowie "Modern Love" & the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs with "Pins" which is an old favorite of mine.

Seriously, that song just makes me nostalgic for the days I used to live in the bar I will be teaching in... it's the irony I love...

Then I added more Stones (because I love them) with Gimme Shelter (I have Egypt on the brain - which also explains 'I'm not down' & 'I'm free')... and then I did it... I went there to that very special place in my heart and I don't care because there is just so much love that I had to put some Rancid in and not just once, but twice. Yep. Started with "Life Won't Wait" and then "Roots the Radicals" and my fear is gone.

You know what music is?  It's a crutch. It's that voice you need to hear at that EXACT moment that makes you KNOW in your heart you will be just fine. When I hear Rancid. When I hear the Stones. When I hear the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs I know I'll be fine and I can do anything because I have these things - these songs - these feeling - these words to let me know that I'm not alone.

That is what we love about music isn't it? We sit alone and listen to someone else tell us just how we're feeling and our hearts bleed and we know in our soul that we're all connected.


I would die without it.

I was in a yoga class earlier today and the teacher had us in child's pose. My head was pressed into the mat and my body was all in a ball. My mat was about five feet from the back door of the studio and a faint draft was brushing up against me. People see yoga and think it's about the exercise only.
People hear music and think it's about so many things... the two are connected for me because both of these things make me feel more alive than so many other things ever could.

Yes - its the same argument I have each and every day with myself - how can I choose between yoga, music, writing, and food - I have passion for these things because they really do define who I am. They are art. They are how I finally became the artist I wanted to be as a child. Some paint with a brush, but my strokes are filled with melodies, flavors, movements and punctuations.

I love these things because the are life, and only a fool would want to be alive and not love life! Right?!

Music has alleviate my fear of Monday and it has shown me the one thing I really do have to give up and trying to decide what to give it. I am who I am and that person is made up  of music, words, food and yoga.

Right now I'm listening to "Devil's Dance Floor" - Flogging Molly! Ahh... its like the perfect stretch...

I have to go dance.
I hope you are well!