Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chicken with it's head cut off = me

My husband tells me I take on too much, but I hum and haw at him, until tonight when I wrote up my "to do" list that I was to begin after our son was in bed and my husband was long out with his friends and the damn list was almost a page long and I only have 3 hours to do it all (well, I have longer but I'm a fan of sleeping....)

I have accomplished almost all of it - excepted for blogging here and on my other site - and my other site I need to be more... professional??

Any way, I had a reading the other day (and I mean Angel Card and I'd normally lie about that, but I'm done lying about things so...) and the reading was insane and hit a lot of points right on the nose and was freaking because it was too accurate at times. In the end it has come down to I'm on a deadline and soon I'm giving up a lot of stuff and I'm not working 7 days a week any more because I'm getting sick a lot more lately and I know it's due to stress and lack of sleep.

Then I beat myself up because I'm not doing what I want to do because I can't say "no" which is insane - I'M INSANE!

But you know what didn't come up in the reading? L.A. booooooooo

Then again, the reading only extended out through April/May so I'm guessing that since I'm not moving till September that could be why. I was told I'm going on a trip soon.... I wish and hope that's true because she used words like "relaxation" and "massage" and I would LOVE that.

Can you have a massage for 4 days straight? I'm willing to try.

OK! Need to write a letter, email 200 yoga studios and still finish chapter 32! Well, at least its only 10pm... 1 hour till bed!


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