Saturday, March 5, 2011

Groundhog day

Back in 1993 a little movie was released called, "Groundhog Day." I'm assuming you've seen it or at least heard the concept of the film. A man, Phil Conners (played by Bill Murray), lives the same day on repeat until he gets it right.

I hated this movie when it came out oh so many years ago. I hated everything about it, until I got older, now I love the movie and it has different meanings to me - but at the end of the day what it always comes down to is, "If you had to live on day on repeat, what day would it be?"

I choose today.

Yes, it's early in the day but so far this day has been wonderful. Rainy, gloomy, chilly, but wonderful and one of those days that make you want to have 200 more just the same.

Life is nothing but a collection of moments and memories shoved into a box that is our life - and regardless of what we think - we choose what is kept and what is discarded.

I will keep today.

Today I've smiled since the moment I woke up.
Today my heart feels like it could explode.
Today is perfection wrapped in gray skies and dampness - and I love it.

I really, really do...

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