Friday, March 18, 2011

A list of life

Today I bought 50lbs of rice for eye pillows and consumption for less than $20.

I spent time with one of my oldest friends. I was the maid of honor in her wedding and held her eldest hours after she was born. We've been friends for 20 years.

I cuddled with my son.
Ate a pint of strawberries.
Sent the first 29 Chapters of my book to my cousin in AZ.
Fixed my finances.
Set up an event with a local 'hot spot'.
And sent an email or two.

Now I'm getting ready to make some YOGA - HERE flyers!
And write.

My house is a mess.
My son is asleep.
My husband is working a side job later.

Next up, I will go to the store for pizza fixings
Dig up my garden bed for planting fun in the next month or two
And begin to plant seeds in my kitchen...

Oh and I need to make 10 eye pillows and 2 sets of Mala Beads - brain storm on fundraisers - and play more with my son.

This week has been the most amazing week I've had in a long time. Some lows, but mostly highs. I'm happy with my life - yes - it would be nice if I was making more money, but money is money. I love being a yoga teacher, writer, mom that cooks, cleans and works too much.

I really, really do.
Off to buy my husband a smart phone as a surprise! :)

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