Monday, March 21, 2011

me. complaining. it's not pretty. no. it really isn't.

I want to complain, but at the same time, I don't want to complain. I hate people who complain. I sit there and listen (because I'm only partially a jerk) and I think about how I can get them to realize that complaining about nothing won't help with anything.

So I don't want to, because I know it won't solve anything.

It won't make my son less irritable when he wakes up.
It won't give me more hours in the day to write, teach, clean, read, write, and write some more. Oh and eat.
It won't solve my money issues or marketing issues or my bills.
It won't solve anything to sit here and whine about things - no it won't.

But I want to complain because I'm losing my mind. Today has been so long and it started last night. My son threw a tantrum, pooped in the tub, then my computer refused to open word, so I couldn't write. After that my eye began to water so badly the lid puffed up and that lead to honest crying because it hurt so much

Hey, but at least I got to eat chocolate.

Then today my son woke up at 4:15 because I refuse to give him bottles in bed any more.
He's 2.5 - it's time.

I have to go teach... That's what the world wants. A grumpy yoga teacher... yeah - that's the ticket...

I'm going to go do pushups
A lot of them
until I'm so tired I collapse....

than I can't complain, because I'll be face down in my floor.

p.s. - I do get the whole lesson here... yes... go complain, no one wants your head to explode.
why must I always be so judgy?

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