Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mixin' it up!!

I think that every few years you need to reinvent yourself. Yes. I really do. If you wake up and you look around and you are close to 225% comfortable, its time to mix it up and change your life. Do things you normally wouldn't do (with-in reason) and dust your life off.

That means I'm going to a car auction.

Yes, I'm a old school lame-a-tron that simple goes out and buys new car. In general, this is a rather big waste of money seeing the car depreciates by 1/2 the second you leave the place you bought it. But for me, that is comfortable. Its easy to walk in and talk to that guy/gal who is all slick and smiles too much and tries to convince me I really need heated leather seats.

Just like all vegans need heated leather seats...

But I can't afford that.

A car payment would be monetary suicide, so its off the table. And seeing that my car knowledge is reserved for wonders that are VERY non-family oriented, like a '69 Chevelle or a '79 Dodge Charger, you know, like in the 1971 movie The Vanishing Point? And PERFECT for car seats - not to mention the admission test it'll have to pass...
That leads me to have two screens open on my computer (3 if you count this one) where I look at the public sale list on the Greater Cleveland Auto Auction site and the other reserved for google.

Some how I'm going to end up with a mini van and be fairly sad... because it makes sense and its totally the LAST thing I want. Save a hummer3 - those things are just a waste of time, money and gas... if you're going to go military just get an M1 Abrams, it'll make the morning commute very funny :-D

This is on my "To Do" list before we can do anything, it's way at the top sandwiched between "Plant seedlings for garden" and "Pay the freaking water bill before you have an outhouse in your yard all ready!"

I'll admit. I'm scared.
My husband is way easy on the old eye balls, but his car knowledge is equivalent to mine. My hope is that one of the Ford Escapes will become ours... do you think they're desperate enough to give me a 2010 Ford escape for $2,000?

I may actually have a better chance of getting the Abrams... hmm... the auction house IS right by the National Guard... Options!!


  1. The car in that movie is a 1970 Challenger, FYI. Much cooler car.

  2. I hit the wrong button! Lol