Friday, March 25, 2011


I had the chance to sleep in this morning, but my body didn't agree. I woke at 6:30, half alive and ready for nothing. This week has been long and draining.

I am tired.

I'm sitting here on my couch watching my son eat and listening to him say things like, "A train!" over and over and I love him for it. I love watching him learn and grow. It's amazing what potential our children have and how terrible adults can be to children.

When I grew up disciplining was still acceptable in schools. Yes, the dunce corner was not longer in existence, but if I had a dime for the times people told me or my parents I was stupid. Well, I know I'd have at least two and that's two too many. Every child is different, how they learn is different - and diversity is what is great about humanity. Telling a child they are stupid because they don't process the world like you do is ignorant.

Telling anyone that are stupid because they don't agree, process, or do things just as you do is ignorant.

People take the first amendment and then run wild with it. Yes, the Constitution was put forth as a barrier to protect the citizens of the United States, but it wasn't created to allow and or support negative, mean, cruel and racist comments. The :golden rule" transcendent all theology and religion. Learning that taking something created to spread love and peace and then butchering it so you can press your own personal agenda is a sad, sad thing.

This is what I love about propaganda and this is what I love about humans - our need to be told by someone of "authority" what we are looking to hear. No, it may not be true, nice or useful - but as long as it give you the credibility to keep believing what you want to believe - HAVE AT IT! Have at it indeed....

I have a lot of beliefs.

I believe that the earth is round, that it revolves around the sun, that it's impossible for us to be the ONLY lifeforms in the Universe. I believe in a higher power, but I don't like calling it "god". I believe that animals have a right to live and the people who are pro-life that eat meat are hypocrites.

And I believe that even though YOU may or may not believe this doesn't in any way shape or form mean you're stupid.

But then there are those who like to prey on people.

We live in scary times. Earthquakes, nuclear disasters, tsunamis, murder, rape, on and on and on...
I knew that this year was going to be filled with propaganda, people stating the world is ending because 2012 is right around the corner, and let's not forget the 10 year anniversary of September 11th.

The reasons to spread hate, anger, greed is all around us.

We have food being sprayed with chemicals that will harm you. We have a generation that doesn't realize processed food really isn't food - at least not as it is defined in the dictionary. We have new political parties that are opening tied to companies and allow those companies to affect the parties agenda - thus making our country not the democratic land we try to believe it is - capitalism, it's a bitch.

I could go on for days, but I still think underneath it all there are people that give a damn. That, in general, people care. We get our news from businesses, business that need to make money and how do you make money? With crazy stories about over paid spoiled people who think drugs are the answer and that large numbers next to the words "PRESUMED DEAD!"

Make it big, make it bold, add an examination's mark and it must be true!! <- truth!

What doesn't make papers sell? Stories about us common folk that pay the extra dollar at the grocery to give to the homeless. Us common fold that donate all of our old clothing to the vets.  The mom's and dad's that work 3 or 4 jobs so they can give their children a great life.

Like I said. I'm tired. It's been a long week. It's been a long a lot of things, but I want to stop and say thank you to you. Every single one of you matters because even if no one can see the acts of kindness you perform, it's still worth it. People like you are the reason I can keep going because I know, one day, I may meet you and get to shake your hand and know the world is a little bit better because of you.

Like I said. No one's stupid. We're all just different. Different lives, different paths, different - unique.

embrace that
love that
live that


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