Monday, March 14, 2011

Shopping, toddlers & Yoga! OH MY!

Today was a good day. I worked. I played. My eye lid is so dry that after putting lotion on it my eye is now watering and I feel as it someone lit me on fire!

This winter is killing my physically, and I know I'm not alone on that one. I have weird skin issues that I can't seem to get in control. I've changed my diet, lotions, cleansers - detergent - and still this persistent patch of ultra dry skin on my right eye lid will NOT heal...

But besides that, life is ok.

I worked, like I said. Taught two classes and had 8 students. 3 newbies and 5 of my favorite people that grace me with their presence once a week. Today was a good teaching day because I get to keep the drop-in. Now, I love the other places I work at (hence I haven't quit) but you should know something my little yogi readers, that fee you pay, most times 80% of that pay (and sometimes more) goes to your favorite studio.

It's understandable. There is heat, blankets, blocks, mats, advertising, electricity, cleaning, and other staff, but on days it's hard. It's hard driving 20 minutes away from your house to find out no one is coming to your class. But that, my friend, is the way of the yoga teacher. Don't think for one second they don't love what they do, they do. And they take that love and bring it to you so you can love what you do too.

But today is one of my fortunate days where I get to keep what you hand me. Yes, I use it to pay for my bills and advertising and mats, etc - but having one day like this helps me be extra grateful because I have an option where I can do that.

As for the moving, organizing, ect. today we found new (& fun) ways to spend/save money. My 2-year-old and my mother escorted me to the lovely West Side Market in good old Cleveland where we bought veggies for cheap and ran around like a crazy man until it was time for a brief lunch at the West Side Market Cafe (fries and fruit - yum). Spent around $10 and have fruit and veggie that will last till Friday, can't beat that can you.

My writing wasn't what I wanted it to be - I blogged on my other site, but just as I brought up my book the little guy woke from his nap and right now is the first moment I've had to sit. I'm actually considering closing good old blogger here so I can get a little writing in... before I remember I have emails to answer...

Oh emails! Which reminds me, I'll know by Friday if I got the job. Did I mention the sweet yoga music job I applied for? I'm asking for good luck, vibes, well wishes and everything else. That job could mean the move will be much easier and funded by something other than garage sales and yoga tips (those will still help)

FINGERS CROSSED! And I'm off to write. It's only been 3 days so my burning watery and one normal eye are still on the prize - L.A. I will live in you yet.


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