Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Things I will not miss

Yes, there are things that I will miss when we finally get to getting and head west bound on 90, but let me tell you there are things that I won't miss.

Obviously the snow. But at the same time I do think I'll miss that when it's not a permanent part of my life.

The things I won't miss are situations I've been thrown into because of certain people in my life - that I can't seem to remove - who do terrible and selfish things that somehow fall on me. I'm tried of selfish people who are so passive aggressive they lash out at people around me spreading fear and hate and then act like they didn't do anything and to take it even farther they tell OTHER people they shit they do in the guise the person they victimized was really the actor.

You're a childish jerk and I'm so done with you.

I will not miss you.
I do NOT care who you are or how we know each other.
I will not miss you one bit.

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