Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tom Petty ain't just whistling dixie... that's for darn sure...

Waiting really is the hardest part...

Sorry about the break down yesterday! Let me take a moment to poke fun at myself for not taking a step back and a big old deep breath. It's very easy for me to get caught up in the moment, once provoked.

But that happens to most people.

I think the hardest part about this move is the amount of time that has past since the first time we mentioned it. You see, we were supposed to be gone by now, but life is life and things go wrong and suddenly your savings is a little bit smaller than you would have liked, and the government is snagging your legs with clauses...

In general we don't talk about it outside of our home, and me on here. We keep it in house because, in general, most to believe that we are really going. But how can you blame them?

"We're leaving in November!"
"We're leaving in March!!"
"sigh... we're leaving in September!!!"

I do take into account that things happen this way or that for a reason, and I keep working.

I write my book and blog nearly daily now. I promote my yoga and veganism almost daily too.
I've streamlined my schedule so my Yoga classes will be (starting April) Monday - Thursday, allowing me more time to write and to work on promoting and writing articles.

I set up a fun Yoga Night Out with a local restaurant (just waiting on the exact date to be set) - where you get to take a class with me and then go out for food and drinks at Johnny Mango. (If you want more info it's only $35 and you can email me here.)

I'm working with a local studio about promoting National Vegetarian Week this coming May23rd-29th and hoping to extend the events to other studios in Ohio.

So I'm busy - but then comes those moments - when it snows ;-)
And those moments when I run into someone who I haven't seen in a while and they say... "Oh, I thought you were moving to L.A.?"

This is why being so overly emotional stinks - honestly, that shouldn't bother me, but for some reason I let it bother me. Had two places tell me they wanted to work with me and didn't hear from them and was all depressed... why? These are things I need to work on...

On an up note - I'm almost done with Chapter 32 of my book and my cousin read the first 29 chapters and loved it! She's helping me by working on the edit of the first portion as I finish the second. I'm going to try to write on the fly today - seeing that my son is not longer napping because I refuse to let him have a bottle in bed with him.

Later I teach (3 classes today) and then I'm going to a benefit show for The School of Rock.

............ in general I feel good, but stressed by the waiting.... We've wanted this for such a long time and keeping my self busy helps, but at the same time it doesn't........

Oh Tom Petty... how you can feel my pain...

"The waiting is the hardest part,
Every day you see one more card
You take it on faith,  you take it to the heart
The waiting is the hardest part..."

sure as hell is...

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