Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The bake sale to END ALL BAKE SALES!

OK - so I'm laying in bed last night and I started to brain storm on my female issues and the denial of services from Medical Mutual. Wait, let me rephrase, I'm more than welcome to have the services, but it'll cost me $1780 (with 1/2 up front). Seeing that Medical Mutual probably won't be willing to change their mind, I've decided to raise the money myself.

These are my current ideas:

Bake Sale! It's an American Staple, like apple pie (which you'll be able to buy), burgers (which you won't be able to buy) and lemonade (which you MAY be able to buy, if I can find organic lemons in time.
I'll sell things like cookies and brownies and nut logs! That would be 4 cookies for $1 so I'd need to make 7120 cookies, 324 Pies, 2374 Brownies... 890 cups of lemonade...

Karaoke Night! A night of singing and beer! All the proceeds will be donated to the Hospital. Beers are what $3-4 a piece. If they give me 20% of sales thats like... 594 beers for 1/2 of the money...

Do you have any ideas?
I'm kinda favoring the bake sale... how much would you price the nut log at? $500? Too much? sigh....

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