Wednesday, April 13, 2011


to all the people who come to my site looking for porn... seriously! You're on the internet! Porn is the skeletal system of the interweb of the world.

In other news... remember that time Courtney Cox was on Family Ties?  Good times.

But it the end it's all very simple - you may have come here looking for "ordinary girl sexing it up after work in an office" or maybe you did know about the old Cox-ster and the Family Ties - but please take this with you. Life is short and if you spend all your time making excuses, you won't accomplish a time. Just like if you spend all your time trying to find what you should be doing - unless you wanted to be a "seeker" you are probably missing the bigger picture.

Life is short, live it up and later - sleep. Like me!!

Finally, before you go to bed tonight - make a wish. Say it three times - hell say it until you believe it. And then dream.


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