Monday, April 11, 2011

Hello Monday - I'm here to kick your butt!

Welcome to Monday! Yes, today is my first day "back" at work (which means I teach a couple classes tonight, because lets be honest, I worked my entire vacation.) But hey! I'm back!!

I intended to write last night but let the world get a hold of me - I did write - just not as much as I would have like, so I'm on the old computer, putting away some demons (like this) so my excuse wagon is empty. Which would be a great thing, but you know me! I'M THE QUEEN OF EXCUSES!

I had an idea for a four weekend workshop that I may do in July (or maybe 5) - a women's workshop designed to help bring awareness to the body and the breath. Using poses, chakras, meditation, diet and community of women together as one to help give women the confidence I felt on Friday.

What do you think? Sound like a good idea?

I outlined a bit of it last night but there is more I need to do before I can even really call it a workshop. Books, diet cleanse, asana, music, a location, a name...

So instead of getting overwhelmed with all of that this very second, I'm going to just say this - I looked at places again last night and my heart is still set on Sherman Oaks... And then today I looked around here and I just feel that if I keep working like this, soon, we will be there. Soon, we will have that dream.

That said, I'm off to write, even though my brain is now swimming in logistics of my workshop idea and that gnawing voice in the back of my head that is telling me I must wrangle my phone from my son so I can make a few important phone calls... How can it all ready be 11:15?


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