Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm tired of this - get out the pitch forks and torches and lets DO THIS!

Today is my Saturday. I've recently adjusted my work schedule so that each Friday I get to spend a WHOLE day with my son. This day, this special day, is one reason that I'm happy I work for myself.

But working for yourself isn't all sunshine, rainbows and special Fridays - no - its a hard life to choose. First you have to be your own boss, you have to look yourself in the face and tell you to suck it up and get your butt to work on days you wish you could just "skip it". Mental health day? Shopping Therapy?

These things don't exist in my life.

My vacations are filled with more work days and my late nights are just that - late. Because while I do only "work" 6.5 hours a week - those are the times I'm on the mat teaching my students yoga asanas. This is not including the hours of marketing, blogging, hanging fliers, making contacts, practicing, meeting more people, tweeting, facebooking - and at the end of the day I smile because I may have worked 10 hours a day 6 days a week and it's all for me and for my family.

It's for those special Fridays.

But there really is more of a down side. Our economy sucks. It's not a polite way to say it - but what is there to be polite about? Right now I'm so underwhelmed by this country. I'm tired of hearing, year after year - because it's been over a decade since I've seen an America I can stand - about how it's going to get better. When? When is it going to get better?

The economy is in the toilet and yes, I know there are those who like to blame Obama, but Bush had a hell of a lot to do with this. Our men and woman are dying over seas and soon they'll be doing it for free - good job there government. And soon women won't be able to have the medical care they need because Planned Parenthood isn't important. Just like Public Radio and all the other social programs in this country.

Privatizing medicare and medicade - you know because that's going to solve the problem.

It's like how when Jacobs Field (aka Progressive Field <-privatizing) was built. You know who paid for that field? Smokers. There was a special tax put on cigarettes and tobacco products to fund the building of the Baseball Stadium and you know what isn't allowed at the stadium? Smoking. Even back in 1995 - when you could light up almost everywhere, only smoking in designated areas and in those areas you couldn't see the game.

No - I'm not advocating the return of public smoking. My son has asthma and I'm an ex-smoker who understands that smoking is UN-healthy - but in America we just say it's bad. In our movies bad guys smoke. In porn cheaters smoke after sex. Subliminal messaging is everywhere. Smoking is immoral. The end.

And then there is all the other B.S. that is oozing out the pores of this country.

You are free to do what you want! Be WHO you want! SUCCEED HOW you want! But first - jump through these hoops.

#1 - If you don't have money you're certainly not important enough to have medical coverage. Example: Two years ago I had an IUD put in because I have my son and he is all I want - it was a done deal. I now want the IUD removed. Why? Because I do. I'm in a fake menopause at 35 - I don't want to be like this and I don't like feeling like this. But the issue is that my old doctor cut the strings kinda short and my new doctor can't find them so I need to have a special procedure to have it removed - one my insurance won't cover - one that costs $1780. $1780 and half of that needs to be up front - that's $890.

Last year as a yoga instructor I made just over $1000.

So now I have this thing inside of me that I can't have removed because I have crap insurance. Yes Medical Mutual - you are crap insurance and you know what's worse? Because I have your crap insurance I can't get help from anyone else out there. That's right! If you have terrible insurance that is like not having insurance you would be better to have NO insurance because at least then you may be able to get government money to help you.

For now. You know, until I'm expected to fix the deficit then there won't be any money left for me at all!

#2 - If you don't have a job, and you haven't for a while, no one will touch you because you're so out of the loop. Great! So I'm laid off because the economy sucks and can't find a job and my benefits have run out - OR I don't even get any because the company I worked for went under and never paid to unemployment.


So you aren't making money and you can't afford to pay the bills so you lose your house and move back in with your parents - at 35 - that's like Christmas EVERY WEEKEND. But what else can you do? There is nothing left to do but the same old same - pay off what you can on your credit cards and stop paying everything then declare bankruptcy because there is no where left to go.

Thank you America for that exit strategy.

But you know what? At the end of the day what does it matter? We're all going to die - and fast than most other countries. With how poorly we eat, crappy our medical care is (if you can get any) and how us - the SUPER POWER of SUPER POWERS has some of the worse test scores IN THE WORLD in education. What does it matter?

We're just pumping out sick morons who will do nothing but sit on our asses and collect unemployment - you know, until the government needs to fix that to.

Growing up in this country I was raise by baby boomers. Day after day, year after year I had the ethics of WWII handed to me - how wonderful we are - how special we are - but the truth is that we just suppress our people in a more subtle way. We use television, fast food and taxes to bleed people dry.

We're a democracy, it should be simple. Our country is a "Family."
At the top is the Grand Parents who have been at this for a long time (President and 1st Lady) their kids (the House and Senate) get together to make sure we (the grandkids) are taken care of - but on the way to the family meeting most of the Aunts and Uncles decided what they wanted is more important and no one wants to talk about it unless its in circles and nothing ever gets solved. And after hours and hours and hours of listening to crazy Uncle Howard tell us his loony ideas that involve tin foil hats and ball point pens we conceded to shut him up or we have no choice because there is a frame set up.

And I know - we have those 2nd Cousins (judicial ) that are there to make sure things are copacetic - but they just do what Crazy Uncle Howard says to because he slipped them a five spot.

That's not a family - at least not the Partridge sort, more like the Gotti sort.

It should be simple. You need help, you GET help.
You want an education, you get a GREAT education.
You want to eat, YOU GET FOOD.

But all this money bullshit just ruins it all.

It's paper - which is OBVIOUSLY more important than my ovaries. And I already know its more important than my child's health and more important than beating the illiteracy issues in this country, poverty, starvation.
Just make sure your pockets are line.
Lie through your teeth.
Make impossible promises.
And in the end I don't really need a functioning uterus anyway - you would know - because you're god.

Hey, maybe you can have child labor laws lifted. Then you can just kill us all faster!

I'm so tired of the excuses and people telling me it's more difficult that this - no its not. It's simple. We fight wars because of money. We sell out our citizens for money. We are greedy and we are selfish and we don't care about the person next to us.

If for one moment we even vaguely ATTEMPTED to practice compassion this country would be such a different place, but we won't because "life is a contest". Is it? Anyone want to tell me what you win in the end?

Last time I check it was always the same.



  1. WOW! That was great! You know, we have "good insurance" and we still have to jump through hoops to make sure things get paid, and we're also getting collection calls for stuff that should have been covered...

    I bought into President Obama's hope and change stuff, and how he was going to start changing how things get done in DC, but here whe are a few years in, and nothing has changed...And most of us have lost our hope...And the Republicans just want to keep cutting for the rich, and put it all on the average people, who can't take anymore weight...

    Everything is broken!

  2. My phone rings daily and I'm just tired of hearing about it. I'm not going in for liposuction or some other superficial expensive procedure. I'm trying to be a responsible adult and make sure I'm not having babies. But we don't applauded that in this country. We only applauded the morons who think "abstinence" will work. I'm sad for people who think the only way to live is by denying being human - because sex is at the very, very core of human nature.

    Nothing every changes. President after President and nothing. The last President that really tried to work on social issues in this county was Carter and all we do is make fun of the man. But the truth is when he was in office the government actually took care of the young, old, injured and poor. And then greed entered the White House (once again) and generations of people bow to his bs that said "Take it for you! Be rich and we'll love you." and promote the Live Fast, Die Young concept in life.

    "Real American's have a lot of money!" Sure they do.

    It's just one thing after the other. The more we try to save for the move, the more crap falls into our laps.

    Car troubles, house issues, kid problems and now this. And I'm sure this sounds like I'm complaining, and I am - a little - but I just feel like our fore fathers are rolling in their graves as we sit around and destroy their dreams.

    I talked to someone the other day and they didn't even understand what a "citizen" was. There is no meaning any more - the words are dead. It's just money, money, money.

    And I hate it.

    Needless to say - the next few posts will probably just be me angry. All the stuff I never say because I'm afraid I'm going to hurt someones feelings. I'm done.