Sunday, April 17, 2011

I'm still angry, but trying to be helpful at the same time!

I've spent the last few days angry. I'm sure this is evident due to the last post and let me tell you, not much has changed. I now have this gigantic question mark floating above my head because I, honestly, do not know how to fix this situation. How can I have my IUD removed if I can't afford to do so - and god knows Medical Mutual will not be changing their minds and suddenly give me a hand.

No hands outs.

Hand outs are for people who don't need them. Once again - I love my life - I'm just not nuts about this situation. I'm not happy that I'm being forced to do things that I don't want. No one wants to be forced to do things they don't want.

So I'm stewing, which is ever so productive.

There is some good in this, because it has shown me a certain amount of truth. This situation is one I shouldn't have gotten myself into - it is my fault for not researching the in's and out's of my insurance company prior to having the IUD inserted. I'm old enough to to know and to understand that insurances companies only care about money - just like HMOs and PPOs and hospitals in general only care about it too.

We lost the essence of what medicine should be long before I was born.  Pharmaceutic companies hand out "beans" to who ever wants them. Praising them to be a miracle cure, but the truth is we need to go deeper. Yes, my one issues is the IUD, but the big issues with this country - the problems that we're facing like diabetes, obesity, and skin issues (just to name a few) all go back to food.

The number of people who tell me they want to lose weight but do so over a super sized processed meat plate with over cooked vegetables - well, its a bit much.

If you want to loose weight I'll tell you how. It's simple. #1 - don't diet. Because dieting implies one day you will stop. It's like "dating" one day you stop dating, in the end you have a partner or you don't - but in the end you stop. If you want to live healthy and lose weight you need to CHANGE how and what you eat.

In this day and age we hear terms like GMOs (genetically modified organism) and organic versus not. Some, including me for a long time, would hear the organic thing and get all, "Just be happy you have food!" but then I started doing research. The truth is simple. (most truths are) the pesticides we (the US) use to keep bugs off our crops is a watered down version of nerve gas used in war. Yes, nerve gas.
In the military our soldiers are purposefully exposed to these nerve toxins, because our bodies can build an immunity to them. This way when they enter the battle field, if they are gassed they have a better chance of not being affected.

Seeing that we are using the same sort of toxins on our food and that the animals and bugs are also living organisms - they too adapt. This means we have to adjust, and readjust what we're spraying with. Over time a product called Round-Up (which we should all know because you can get it anywhere) has been used to kill the critters killing our food. But then it started to kill the food. It's a weed killer - all weeds, including things we don't call weeds, are planted based and this stuff will kill them.

Enter GMO.

The food has be altered to be resistant to the pesticides so they don't die. And this just makes it easier because no not only do we spray - but in essence our food is the pesticide. Bugs that can out live the spray will die from trying to consume the food. This is what we're eating. This is not healthy.

If you live around here in the Clev - you can check out a place called "Basketeria" which is part of the Westside market. They sell local and organic produce that you can pre-order and pick up on Saturdays. It's cheaper than going to the grocery store and you know what you're getting yourself into.

Now that you have these fresh fruits and delicious veggies - now what? Back off on cooking things. Not every meal needs to be cook. Make 80% if not higher of your diet raw. And get creative. No one whats a salad 7 days a week. It gets old and tiresome, but if you look up RAW recipes, that's what they are. Super cool salads arranged to look like things you know. And there is a diversity to it. This one is a big winner in my house - Raw Spicy Thai Spring Rolls - And if you sit at a desk these are great for lunch because you don't have to use a fork - just your hands and a napkin.

Food is always a big factor to losing weight. Don't eat for 3 hours before you go to bed. Back off on refined sugars and stop telling yourself its a "treat" or a "prize" to eat processed foods. You may as well start thinking it's a treat to get a hammer in the face. Over time it would hurt less.

Back off of milk. Because milk is really, really gross. It's filled with puss. This is due to how they treat the animals. I'm a huge fan of not hurting animals - but you need to look at the facts. The dairy cows are never let off the milking pumps. They are filled with antibiotics to stop infection and repeatedly impregnated to keep them lactating.The end produce is puss filled milk that is later pasteurized and deemed "OK" to consume - but the truth is now you're drinking dead puss. Puss is puss. it's gross.

Understand if you DO eat meat - that your portion size is the size of your palm. Meat is the side dish - veggies and fruits are the main dish.

The exercise. At least 3 days a week for an 1 at a time. And make it a cardio weight mix. Lift weights AND raise your heart rate. Go for a long walk and get your heart pumping, you don't want to run - fine - but walk fast. Find a place that does Vinyasa Yoga - and DON'T think "I've never done yoga before, I'm SO gonna do Ashtanga" That's like saying "I've never climbed a mountain - so gonna get to the top of Everest by Tomorrow!!" Start slow - but start!

And remember to get 6-8 hours of sleep and drink 32oz of water a day. Not beer. Not coffee. Not juice, tea, or soda (diet is bad too) and no of this mineral vitamin water - just WATER. Buy a purifying pitcher and fill it up and drink from that. Don't go out and get bottled water. Just drink what's here.

And that is how you'll lose weight. If you realize that food is not your "best friend" and it's not here to make you feel better. It's just the gas for our body - eat until you're NOT HUNGRY, never eat till you're full. NEVER.

And let me know, in a month, how you feel.

I'm off. I need fruit and water and a hug from my baby boy... you have a good one and don't let the jerks get you down!

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