Monday, April 18, 2011

You can be honest, I know this font makes my butt look big...

Well I've decided to get off my high horse today. I woke up after having a slew of really odd dreams - one including Hank Moody (not David Duchovny) and the other involving a very pregnant Alyssa Milano. There was something chancing us... which means (not because of the faux celebrity sightings) that I'm stressed - again. But we all knew that didn't we.

I spent an hour last night imaging what the inside of my uterus looked like with the IUD just THERE and tried to figure out how I would remove myself (yeah - that's sane) and then starting the equally sane portion of my day where I begged god that it would fall out.

The little buggers in there. It ain't movin' from no where! Like cement in the womb of life! AGGRRHHH!

So, I really didn't need to be chased in my dreams by creepy thing dressed in grays and black with pitchforks to know I'm stressed. But then it happened - I was sitting on the couch and looking at my son's bald head (the clippers where a wee tad too low) and I just can't be this angry person. It's messing me up physically.

I don't want that - none of that is going to help me remove the thing. So I made myself promise today would be a great day. Today would be the day that changed my life.

Today I will be productive, and I have been. I've been playing with my son, I've send my emails and a few others I didn't have on my list. I updated websites (plural), talked to some friends (both here and in the twitter-verse). I ate my fruit salad, washed my face, planned out two of my classes, moved playlists over to my ipod and now I'm on here.

I'm also contemplating buying these so I can bury them in my yard and make my son go on a treasure hunt with me.

Right now it needs to stop raining so I can go up and down my street and hand out fliers for my classes and walk the child. He needs a good walking - these past few days of watery doom have made him Sir Crabby Pants. Well, actually, It's made him Sir Who Needs Pants??

This current moment is also being filled with looking at dresses - like this one - reading things that annoy me - like this (which may not seem like much, but in my opinion, it's lying. Not a fan of liars.)  - and eating fruit salad, which I like to do daily!

But now my blogging time has come to an end. My son has decided he wants to be downstairs and my computer is up and there are too many things he can get into when I'm out of view.


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