Wednesday, May 11, 2011

the end

Why ever say how you feel, in the end it doesn't matter.
What matters is how everyone else feels.
Be sure to crawl into a predetermined box and pull the lid closed tightly
The air won't last long, but the visions you'll see at the end will be grand
Understand whatever happens - its probably your fault
That's the ticket!
Close your eyes tightly now, and while your at it, plug your nose, close your mouth and stick fingers firmly into each ear - good job. (Humming is optional)
See, that wasn't hard!
But here's the tricky part - the brain.
That little bastard will try to tell you things - perhaps show you things
Feeling, events, emotions, who knows what else!
These are to be ignored.
Remember, the box isn't roomy - too much in there will suck the air out faster
And we have to make that last!
Long and grueling
Ah... splendid!
And you have it!

The stupidest way to ever live your life.

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