Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Silence - the thief

Silence is the deadly killer of a blogger or any writer.
Stop writing and people forget you exist...
You fade into the background and disappear into the drapes.
So write!
Write like the Dickens
Write every $1.50 word you know and weave them around an intricate plot
Be cleaver and kind and cleaver some more
Don't take it personal
Just don't, keep your eye on the prize and push on

Silence is a comfortable companion when fear knocks too loud
But that is all he wants
He wants you to befriend such a deadly maiden
To invite her in, on your own, then you can not blame him
He was simply seeing how you were
Asking to borrow some sugar
One cube
maybe two

But you peeked at his eerie appearance
assumed the worse
and stopped

Because if you just stop it won't hurt as bad...

No, it hurts worse - because time interjects
Dragging you down the rapids into a depth you knew you would reach
but somehow not that quickly.
But that's what silence does
She wraps you in a little pod that distorts your perception of the world
Minutes are really weeks, days are years

When you finally release her
Face that balding creep of a man that is fear
You realize the time will do her thing with no mind of you at all

And there you have it

Fear pushed you to silence
And silence took your voice
and voice that is here to be heard

sing me a song
and know it matters...
it does

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