Thursday, May 5, 2011


Theres no time like the present, right? Sit around for years waiting for the right moment, knowing it will never come. Honestly, it's about standing up and just going for it, but that's hard - all those stupid voices in your head messing with you.

In the end you have to be willing to just set all the crap aside and move forward with what you want in your life. You have to accept that this may (and will) piss off people and push some from your life. But what really matters is that you are you.

The only person we can be is ourself, but that's easy to forget the moment we get married and have kids. We begin to do the "they won't survive" game. But the truth is that, chance are, most will survive without us. It's sucky, but its truth.

That said, our excuses are a bit weak at the end of the day. So all you can do is be you.

just you.

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