Saturday, June 11, 2011

The count down continues and ducks - they need to be fed...

I'm really tired, and probably shouldn't even be up - that said I am so I decided to come here!

This past week has been a whirlwind of chaos. After our realtor came over and told us to "fix" things, we've been packing and painting and cleaning and dancing the watusi. This next week will be pretty much the same. Jam packed with our normal routine, plus the added chores of getting things in order.

This may sound like complaining, but to be honest I'm not. Just stating the facts here.

The biggest thing this week, or event if you will, is on Thursday my son will have his final fitting for his ankle braces. I cancelled two of my classes that day to stay home with him. I don't feel it's fair if I were to shove his little feet into braces and then run off to yoga-fy the world. I just hope it goes ok. He's been through a lot in the short 32 months he's been alive, the last thing I want is to add some level of torture to his day.

I suppose that means on Thursday we will have to go feed the ducks. This is our new and very favorite activity. We have been to the park twice this week to do that very task. So much that today I though they were going to kill us when we ran out of bread... not kidding.

Here is our first visit:

And this is from today:

Now he asks to feed the ducks and to go to the playground every day. What more could I ask for?

On the job front it looks as though I'll have a job to take with me to L.A., this makes me happy. It's a sales job, not my favorite thing, but I like the company and what they sell is something I would actually buy. That will make it much easier for me to sell their merchandise.(yoga clothing... if you're interested, let me know... I'll hook you up!)

The book has been on the back burner. I'm bummed out about it. I made it 14 pages into the edit the day before the realtor came over - but that is over. I'm back at it tomorrow night. I'm going to try to edit at least 5 days a week. I figure I can use the weekends and on Thursday (normally) I have a gap between my two jobs, the only issue is that my laptop doesn't have word on it and my manuscript is IN word... I'll have to print up the pages that need to be edited and go old school on that bad boy. I'd probably get more done to be honest because I can bring it to the park, on my couch, in the yard - easier than taking my laptop.

I've also decided to keep this going a bit longer... yes, I've been considering ending Weekly Adventures. I just don't seem to have the time with the other blog and my life. But I realized that this is a once and a life time opportunity. I can blog my way across America as we move.

And I'm going to do just that. Granted I have to pack first!

But for now I'm just going to go to bed. Let go of today. Give my worries away and get some sleep.

Tomorrows a new day and one that is ripe for the taking! I hope you are all fairing well!



  1. If you want to edit your manuscript on your laptop, you can download and install Libre Office (it's free). Libre Office allows you to open MS Word documents, and save the documents in Word format where they can be accessed in MS Word. It's a great program, especially since it's a free alternative to MS Word. (However, if you decide to do it, I would change the name of the file just in case something screwy happens, that way you still have the original manuscript.)

    Just passing along some friendly advice. :-)

  2. You're awesome!!! Thank you!
    I'm going to go download that right now. :)