Sunday, June 5, 2011

Last minutes syndrome

Ever notice when someone you work with starts working just a tad bit harder you find out two days later they handed in their notice? Suddenly there is no time left, they have to prove they have been worth the job they had before leaving. Not to mention all the things that were left undone because "one day" it would get taken care of.

I spent the day doing yard work. Yard work I've put off for 3 years because "one day" we'd have blah, blah, blah and then we could do this and that then. Yes, well it's ONE DAY! And I'm in about 4 shades of pain. My whole body hates me. Tomorrow I start a new job, one that requires me to be physically in sync with my students... oh ibuprofen... how we will be friends tomorrow.

Tomorrow will also include more work out front and then start cleaning up those "one day" bits of clutter around the house, because there is no way in hell I'm moving junk 3,000 miles so we can unload it there. That's just crazy talk.

Our office should be a feat in itself. The clutter is currently glaring at me as if it will attack at any moment... That can't be good.

Before they stage a coup, I'm going to bed. Well, I'm going to my other blog and then I'm going to bed, where I hope to sleep - for more than 3 hours...

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