Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Today is the day that will change everything!

Today is the day that changes everything... yup... today the realtor will come over to walk through the house and we will get starting on selling our house.

It struck me today. Showing your house is like inviting hundreds of people over to look at your stuff... people you've never met will walk through the house and notice every little nuance about you. Honestly, it's a bit intimidating...

My nerves are buzzing, and it doesn't help that I'm sleepy because I was up till midnight editing and had woken up at 5:30 to write - which I had intended to do today too but my body seemed to not agree with me on that one. I'm trying to not think of things, and by things I mean all those little items we let eat at us. The what ifs and how are we... I just keep thinking about how we're actually "doing it" and that is a good thing. We're going to make it, and why? Because quitting really isn't an option. I've already done the quitting portion  of my life - and I'm tired of being tired. You know what I mean?

Like when you spend all those hours telling yourself how you can't do something and that just leads to depression and then that leads to nothing. That's what I'm done with. I can do this - I can have my book published and move to L.A. with my family. Sell my house and pack up our things.

I think the reason more of us don't live the dream life we want simply is because we take no for an answer. We let bad moments convince us that we are doomed. We spend our time looking for the things that will derail us rather than noticing the moments that elate us and make us smile. Yes, it's hard. Life is hard. Trying to change everything you've ever done is HARD. But... isn't it worth it when you can be who you want to be and live how you want to live?

I think it is.

I think it's worth trying too hard.

That said - the office won't clean itself and neither will the bedroom so I'm off. I'm sure I'll be on here later or tomorrow to spill all the details of how it went tonight, but it's hours off and I have a ton to do so taataa for now!

Have a beautiful day and take a moment to look around you and see all the greatness in your life. Trust me, it's much nicer than looking at the baggage...

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