Saturday, July 16, 2011

And the gas leak is SO BAD they should have shut us down months ago...

The truth of the matter is that East Ohio Gas Company - a.k.a. Dominion East Ohio - sucks. They're a bunch of rip off artists who don't care about anything but money. Yes, I'm angry and you know what? You should be too because if they're doing this to me, than they're probably doing this to you.

A man came out and check our meter last year, which means they knew about the leakage. The gas leak is SO BAD we are probably going to lose the tree in our front yard. We haven't had gas in 2 days - mind you we have a toddler who we need to bathe. We called, they don't care. They never noticed us. They never did shit - they turned off our gas and the man ran away when he saw me. A grown man in his 50's ran away from tiny little old me - coward.

They act like we're at fault - but I bet you that we would have been able to pay our bill if gas wasn't flooding our house  - but what does that matter?

Yes. I'm tired. My house just went on the market 2 days ago - I've been packing for over a month, plus a job, a child, a husband and friends - not to mention my nearly forgotten book. So maybe you can say I'm speaking in anger because I'm simply worn out.

You can say whatever you want about me, but the truth of the matter is simple - Utility companies don't give a shit about you, your family or your well being - they care about money.

Why shouldn't they? It IS the America way.

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