Saturday, July 2, 2011

Attitude adjustment... CHECK!

Tell me this. How bad is my attitude, really?
I mean, I know it's pretty much crap. I'm not meditating at this point, I'd like to, but I'm doing the "I don't have time for that." Which, as a teacher, I know is a pile of crap.
There is always time - the problem is we tend to think doing nothing will make things better... which they don't.

That said, as I'm writing this, my printer is eating paper and NOT printing my story that I was going to edit by hand in bed due to the sever weather we're having.

See, the universe wants me to meditate...

I need to. I'm tired of this "poor me" attitude.

Truth - most people our victims. We just like to play one for sympathy sake... Ommmm...

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