Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's not "OK"

It's not ok to show up at someones house unannounced
It's not ok to act like you know better than them
It's not ok to lie to show how right you really are not
It's not ok to disrupt the parenting of a child because you're scared of saying no
It's not ok talk down to me because I don't agree with you
It's not ok
It's not ok to pretend you don't
It's not ok to act like I haven't been around for 10 years
It's not ok to treat me like a child
It's not ok to talk about me behind my back then act as if I don't have ears
It's not ok

None of these things are ok and the fact you may think they're ok leads me to believe that you're not ok... in the head.

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