Monday, July 4, 2011

Just keep moving!

(I'm moving so fast I must be ON FIRE! I'm THAT hot baby!)

I made the decision to limit my down time, this may be suicide but I'm going for it. The reason behind this decision is that if I don't accomplish a certain amount of things a day I fall into panic mode and yes, life happens, I get that but the sooner this house is packed up the sooner this tightness in my chest will be gone.

At least that's the theory.

I also am going on a limited diet for the next few days. Tired of the upset stomach and having to drink pink sludge to get it to go away...

Goodbye peppers, garlic, onions and potatoes. Goodbye hot sauce, salt and pepper. Goodbye soy ice cream, coffee, tea and chocolate...

Hello boring and stomach friendly diet! Thank the gods I love me some fresh fruit! (and that its summer because there are only so many apples a girl can eat before she hates them - I already hate them...)

Today is the 4th of July. My husband is working and at some point I'm supposed to take my son to a child sized adventure park so he can finally go on his very own roller coaster! Woohoo! But that is at least an hour away, which means I can pack at least 1 box if not 2.
Besides that I'm going to edit more later. I'm almost on chapter 10, which is something and I'm not complaining because it means I'm still moving forward and no it may not be going as quickly as I'd like, but it IS still going!

So what's next for me this week of adventures? Dropping the car off for a few car repairs and (fingers crossed) buying another car and bidding adieu to my husbands 1999 Caviler. YUP! I found a car we can probably swing. I'm so excited I'm a little shaky... a 4 DOOR CAR! That means I won't have to hunch over to get my son in the back seat of the car - AND IT HAD CRUISE CONTROL - which will help my husband's led foot...

Wish me luck! I'm off to pack up some bowls and glasses! And eat something because it seems blueberries and oatmeal doesn't ever fill me up... ever. Even if I drink 30oz of water with it...

Legs don't fail me now! On your mark... get set... RUUUNNNN!!!

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