Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Martin Luther King, Jr... where are you?

I've been sitting around the last few days watching Congress laugh in the face of this country and mock our president. "He's not my president." I'm hearing more than not and I just bow my head.
A mindless group of sheep moving from pen to pen, waiting haplessly for someone one to drop pellets of food in our mouths. Now we have the strength to meander on to the next waiting post.
No one does anything.
We post silly things on our "status" or tweet one line sentences, because there is "someone" else out there that will pick up the bat and move to the plate for the people.

Martin Luther King, Jr... where are you?

Don't dare use the word depression, unless your marketing some sort of pharmaceutical - then it's okay. Use words like "recession" and then remind people "sometimes we need to take 2 steps back to take the right step forward" mix it with some imagery, blow up a few bombs and VOILA! Propaganda 2011.

If you're really poor, or you're really rich, you'll be ok - it's just everyone in between - they'll pick up the tab, taxes, unemployment. See, the problem is simple. People in my generation, you know the great Generation X - we never really had to suffer. Born tripping with Gerald Ford and farming with Carter (who gave a crap about social issues) and then we met Regan and greed and money and more money. Yes, Bush Sr came dancing in, hoping to be the next FDR - use war to build a better whatever, because we were already dancing on the roof tops of super power stardom, so he went away, and so did war and we met up with Mr. Clinton. We don't know suffering, we know low gas prices, ample food and so much more - so now we wait like good little pets thinking that someone gave a damn.

Maybe our President does, but he was left a hot pile of stuff after 8 years of fraternity jokes and decisions that has thrown our country into a downward spiral of shame.

We work and work and work until our spirit is broken and then we work some more. This is just how it is. Those other thoughts are childish and not worth a damn.

No one says anything
We're not a democracy

The Dutch
British Empire

We're not invincible
We're not infallible
And soon we won't be anything at all - but an essay written by a 14 year old, entitle "The Rise and Fall of the U.S.A."

We, my dear friends, are a joke.

United we stand, divided we fall. Peas and Carrots. Apple pie. It's really not a hard concept, yet somehow it's the hardest one of all.

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