Saturday, August 6, 2011

just keep on selling!

I am totally beat to hell. After 3 days of hosting a garage sale, on top of the bake sale (that's another week of prep) I'm ready to call it quits. Well, my body is.
My back hurts, my feet are killing me and sales were pretty good. Between the bake sale and the moving sale we've made over $400 and we still have tomorrow.

This process will be repeated in two weeks - not even joking a little - but I'll say this. It's made me appreciative.

This goal of ours, moving to Los Angeles and following our dreams, its a hard sell in this economic climate. Most are just trying to hang on. The middle class is almost non-existant and the upper class seems colder from this view. The stock market keeps making the rides at Cedar Point looked pale in comparison with it's dropping dividend. And when you wrap it all up in a nice little ball suddenly doing something like "chasing your dreams" sounds like a fools errand.

I understand that way of thinking and I understand life can be a cruel game at times, but I'm excited and happy all the way down to my toes and everywhere in between.

Over these 3 days I've met some amazing people - our biggest sales were by people buying gifts for others. They were nice, smiled a lot, were willing to hug a few times and even a joke or two.

We can give up on a lot of things in this life. People, jobs, husbands and wives - we can wave a careless hand at the government and congresses need to not see the real picture - but when you get down to the nitty gritty., when you take the time to say "Hey, how are you?" you'll find that people really aren't so bad.

The amount of support we've had, emotional support by people I haven't seen in 20 years, by family members, by strangers - is outstanding. If you ever think you can't, if you ever think you're alone, if you ever think that this is "it" - it's not. Know you may not see it, but there are people there that care and they care by the truck load.

I am grateful for these aching feet and this sore back because in getting to a point where I'm so tired I could spit, I've also gained a new view of this journey - and it's beautiful.

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