Wednesday, September 28, 2011

22 Days

22 days.
We talked about doing this for years, and now we're at 22 days.
Emotions are mixed and seeing that last night I slept terribly... I'm feeling anxious today.
All I do is pack but it's never ending. People tell me to "take a day off" or to "relax" but I can't. Not with all this hanging over my head.

I have a garage full of yard sale items.
A yard sale to host, but I'm not ready for.
I have items on craigs list, but now can't find part of the items listed to sell and the ones I do have people don't want to pay what I listed - which is super low as it is (everything is 50-75% below it's list price)

My son's room is a mess and cluttered and he has a birthday in a week, so it'll only get worse.
My bathroom is a sea of products littering the floor, and my hall closets haven't even been touch...
Plus the kitchen, our bedroom... It's never endings.

Yes 22 days is short, and 22 days is long - but 14 my husband leaves and that means almost no breaks with my son - which means I won't get anything accomplished at all. Trying to pack with a 3 year old isn't easy because, as it turns out, packing isn't fun OR entertaining... who knew?

(and just so you know, he's currently wrapped up in pink packing foam sheets next to the computer I'm writing this on.... )

Yup... so that means this post is done and I have to figure out how to make packing not only interesting but fun...

By October 30th I'll be in L.A. and then a whole new cycle begins... unpacking... figuring out our new patterns and who knows what. I try to keep that in mind, because times waits for no one, least of all me. Which is fine, but I wish it would lend a hand every now and then too...

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