Tuesday, September 13, 2011

...another day...

Currently my husband and I are obsessed with Friday Night Lights. If you haven't seen this show yet, you really should check out the boxsets. It was cancelled, which is a terrible thing.
It's terrible because this is some of the best writing I've seen on TV in years. It's terrible because it's some of the best acting I've seen in years. It's terrible because I find myself watching 4 episodes in a row and not writing.

After watching a mini-marathon last night (the finale of season 1 and the first 4 episodes of season 2 - not kidding) it made me love the show more - even though I question one story line... THAT SAID - as I sat there watching the end of one season to the beginning of the next and saw the gap of 9 months they didn't talk about, I could help but think of our lives and this move.

This move - this time - is the time that is left out of Television, Movies & Books. And why? Because it's slow and boring and trying and scary. We, the viewer/reader, like the cause and then the effect - the finished point in time when all thing come together and BAM - there you have it.

We decided to move (a while back) and SOON we'll be in L.A. - but for now we're in that "9 Months". The gestation of our move. The packing/ unpacking, selling/ buying, planning/ crying - portion of the journey that rakes you over the coals day after day (and gives you a flipping skin condition you cant seem to clear up with anything and I MEAN ANYTHING on the planet...)

Buddha has a 1000 quotes about "life is the journey" and this journey has been enlightening on many levels. I've learned that over time I would like to own my own studio. I've learned that I want to write and become a published author more than owning that studio. I've learned a lot about people - what they're willing to give and what they're not. I've learned that when old friends reappear and new fade - it says something about them and about you...

This journey of 10,000 steps (or 21,590,000) has ripped down walls and lifted boundaries and shown me - me. It has shown me what I can live without & what I refuse too. It has shown me that this economy is terrible and you can't let something like a terrible economy squash your dreams. It has shown me that dreams are more important that that "job" you have to pay for that mortgage... It has shown me so much about me, about my family, about what people really think about me and who the people I can count on - even if I don't see them for the next 10 years.

When I write stories, when you sit down and plan out the path your character will take, you play god with his or her life. You create that river bed and lay out the rocks, snags, ditches, shallow points, ridges, twists and turns - you cut out the gestation period to keep it interesting - to keep the questions coming, to keep your readers/viewers coming back for more.

In life, when you write your own story, you're the one in the boat, navigating through all those rocks, snags, ditches, shallow points, ridges, twists and turns - and yes - its your life and yes you can create or destroy that river bed, but - you have to wait through every second of every minute of every day, regardless of how stressful, boring and slow it can be... you get to be the traveler.

Travel well.
Travel light.
Let things go that don't matter.
Don't chase after dead relationships - they died for a reason.

And realize that we may want to delete these drawn out moments, but they're the the moments that build us into the person we choose to be.

And know that tonight I'll be watching the next 4 episodes of Friday Night Lights - Season Two. SO DON'T CALL ME I WON'T ANSWER!

I'll tell you what Riggins would do... but then I'd ruin it for you...


  1. Never watched this show, but what an EXCELLENT analogy for both story writing and life itself. Well done, my friend. It won't be long now until that gestation period is OVER and new life begins. <3