Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Blogging Life

In the last two weeks I've been sick more times than in the last two years of my life. This pesky chest cold is relentless. I'm still coughing and it's going on 3 weeks. Take that and add it to "female" issues, the idea of hiding under my covers for a while has become appealing. The gentle warmth of the t-shirt sheets and the weight of my over sized quilt screams healing. (all I need is some yummy veggie soup and a cup of hot coco)

The move is moving as planned. The days are sticking, we've ordered tickets, triptiks, planned out routes and the dinning room is almost bare - excluding the dinner table that we eat at. (next up basement so I have a place to stack the boxes.)

The list of things that need to be taken care of before departure has been whittled down considerably. My son has a doctor appointment set up for the day after his 3rd birthday. I have boxes and more packing material lined up for the taking, classes have been covered and my schedule is almost non-existent. (to be honest I think I'll pull in another $150 before I go and that's me being generous - BUT - it's $150 I didn't have before so I will not complain.)

So I'm beginning to have more time, which is a double edge sword because all I see IN that time are a bunch of things I need to do. Like I need to have one more (blasted) garage sale to sell off the kitchen table, towel chest, standing bath cabinet, fire place screen, a wooden kitchen chair, a retro yellow stool/chair, 2 book cases, computer desk, 2 file cabinets, ON TOP OF all the other items in my garage... I think I'm going to wait till next week and just have a 2 day sale and be done with all of this.

Other things I need to do:

  • order medicine
  • soy/rice milk for the road
  • find a car
  • schedule shut off for electricity, gas, water
  • sell house
  • have computers fixed/updated
  • maybe write something (maybe)
  • maybe edit something else (maybe)
  • tear down garden
  • try to relax
  • learn to fly
  • yoga stuff...
I know there's more but I can't remember much of it. 

Right now I'm being told that I need to go watch the Little Mermaid, so I'm going to do that because the midget isn't happy about this whole "blogging" life. Yes, my song hates my Blogging Life...

But before I go, here is the trip itinerary!

Time for me to slip under the sea! See you soon my lovelies. 

My son would also like to see this...
Don't think my car can make that trip... yet.

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