Friday, September 9, 2011

The Soundtrack of my Life - "Float On"

Now, if I was doing the soundtrack of my life back in High School, I'm sure these posts would be littered with Operation Ivy and Nirvana... maybe even a few local bands and one or two poppy songs that I never admitted to my friends that I liked. (I was going to say like "Mr. Jones" but I think I openly liked Counting Crows... it was SO LONG ago... can't really remember). And if it was circa 2000 and I was going through my divorce I'd toss the Peter Gabriel "When I'm falling" tune out there for all to listen too and examine...
But since it's not 1994 and I'm not 25 and going through a divorce. While I still listen to Operation Ivy, Nirvana, Counting Crows & even that Peter Gabriel - I'm sticking to songs that seemingly appear and stick to my bones like glues...

Because that's what music does. It penetrates our epidermis and seeps into our bones until the vibrations force us to accept the truth - music is the soundless poetry that illuminates our lives.

This weeks pick is brought to you by Modest Most and is called "Float On"

Not sure how it fell into my lap. One day I was creating a playlist for class and there it was on my computer - singing to me.

This time has been so stressful. Stress is so perverse, it warps how we see things - ourselves, the actual situations that are happening in our lives, everything in between. It causes us to eat terribly or not to eat at all. It pushes us to worry about things we would otherwise ignore. All sorts of mundane things, like gas in the car or broken mufflers. Let's be honest, if it's empty - fill it. If it's broken - fix it. Not rocket science... but stress makes it into a mountain of an issue because you can't see straight.

Float on...

"I back my car into a cop car the other day, he drove off, sometimes life's ok.
I ran my mouth off a bit too much, what did I say? Well you just laughed it off, it was all ok."

There are very few things in this world that we need to worry about - and there are millions of things we worry about that we have no control over and can never have any control over, so all we're doing is making our lives miserable and the lives of those around us... miserable. Nothing will change, some things progress - but seriously - we all float on. "We all float on anyway..."

"A fake Jamaican took every last dime with a scam, it was worth it just to learn some sleight-of-hand.
Bad news comes don't you worry even when it lands, good news will work its way to all them plans.
We both got fired on exactly the same day, well we'll float on good news is on the way..."

Things go wrong - especially when we over plan. You CAN NOT plan every moment of your life. It's the water theory - look at water - YOU are water. Now look at the river bed.. that is life. See the rocks? See the driftwood? See that garbage someone tossed into your path because they were too lazy to take care of it on their own? Now look at the water and how it flows around it, over it, past it and under it. It's there, the water knows it, but it floats on... "No, don't you worry, we'll all float on. Alright, already, we'll all float on. Alright, don't worry, we'll all float on..."

"Alright already we'll all float on. Alright already we'll all float on. Alright don't worry even if things end up a bit too heavy. We'll all float on...alright. Already we'll all float on. Alright already we'll all float on, ok. Don't worry we'll all float on. Even if things get heavy, we'll all float on..."

"Float On" is another song that clings to me, just like "You are a Tourist.." This change is still happening and my river has run into a small inlet, everything is churning, agitating even the most subtle aspects of my life. Just under that epidermis, where only fine words and good music can reach me...
But I know I'll float on, and I'll be alright...


  1. I can't help but think of High School and all my friends anytime I hear Meatloaf singing Paradise by the Dashboard Light. I was just running this weekend, listening to that song, and thinking of all my SEHS friends. Hope this song brings back some happy memories for you. - Jen

  2. I remember standing in a circle on the dance floor, actually I think it was SAA, and watching Ang recite the radio portion of the song. Good memories with great people. I'm glad you're still in my life :)