Monday, October 3, 2011

17 and counting...

17 days and I'll be counting down hours
17 days and I'll be almost gone
17 days is all that is left and I'm up to my eye balls in dust bunnies, garbage bags, boxes. The entire time hoping that I'm not making any rash decisions about our things... right now I'm considering selling off my bed frame... I should keep it. Not like I won the lotto or anything... (which would be nice... *eyes on the heavens with a little eyebrow wiggle*)

I'm excited and I'm scared and I'm ready - which is the most important part. I've dug out an old laptop with word on it so I can write as we go (no internet = no blogs BUT that means I can write, I can edit).

Back in August of 2001 I started dating my husband and he confided in me that the one thing he always wanted to do was move to Los Angeles. Yes, it may have taken us 10 years, but it's been on hell of a ride - and in 17 little days, I'll be on the road with our son ready to join him in that dream.

California. Here we come.