Friday, October 21, 2011

The Soundtrack of My Life "Up, Up, Up" the Givers

Life can come at you in a way that makes you forget the truth about being alive. Moments rob us of the joys of life, they suck the energy out of our being and sink us into a hole that leads to a life we've never wanted.

Dance like no one is watching, they (whoever they are) say that. Do things as if you will not be judged. Do not be afraid of the whispers and hushed tones. Do not mind the looks or the snarky eyebrow lifts.

Rise up.
Be the best you that you can be.

And remember - the reaction people have to you and your life is a direct reflection of them and has nearly NOTHING to do with you at all...

So dance like no one is around and rise up, up, up above love, into the clouds and into the you that you secretly dance with in your own heart.

"You’re gonna find your way, find a way to be
You’re gonna get yourself a land with your old man
You’ll get it free, you’ll get it free"

I found this song vie my husband. "You have to use this in your classes Aryn." He told me, and he was right. This song is my yoga - it has an awesome beat, it's hella contagious and the lyrics bring a smile to my face and makes my eyes gleam.

"It’s the way now, way to see 
                                                    ‘cause it's inside and out with no doubt 
                                                        It’s in everything, it's in everything"

This song is celebration and right now I feel like celebrating. Tomorrow is my birthday, and today I'm on the road driving towards Missouri to check out the Meramec Caves (to find TREASURE) lol. So now, right now in this very second I need a truth - and that is one day you're up and then you can be down but if you work hard and have faith and believe...

"You’re gon’ find your way, find your way to be
Yea you're gonna get yourself a line with your own spine
You’ll get it free, you’ll get it free

It’s the way now, way to see
Yeah in the moment it comes and it goes
Gets in everything, it's in everything"

It's in everything - love, truth, honestly - it's in everything and we may go up and we may come right back down and we may get lost and then find our way out of the, well, caves - but if we want, most of the time... we can be up.

Givers - Up, Up, Up

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