Sunday, October 2, 2011

Vegan Q & A

I haven't done a vegan/vegetarian post in a long while. Not that I'm not vegan any more, still am (go me!) but there are so many facets of life that I wanted to expand my adventures to other things as well. (like moving, music, words and yoga)

That said, I still get a lot of vegan/vegetarian hits and I was WONDERING what you - as a vegan/vegetarian - are looking for?

As in recipes.

I love to take old non-veggie recipes and mash them up until they're both delicious and vegan/vegetarian friendly, and I would love to post some of them on here! So I guess I'm taking submissions!

As a vegan/vegetarian, what do you feel you're missing food wise? And what would you love to see Vegan-ised for your delicious enjoyment!?

Let me know! COMMENT AWAY!
If I don't hear from you... eh... guess I'll just stick with moving, music, words and yoga!

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