Monday, November 21, 2011

Giving Thanks

Hello all! And welcome to the week of giving thanks!
I had intended on having a week of recipes (just like last month) but due to the complications of NOT having the internet for a month, I'm just a tad bit behind... (I'm really far behind, who am I kidding?)

There are a lot of factors that go into this delinquency of blog - lack of internet, moving to L.A., finishing my book, realizing it should be two book, and finally three words - editing, editing & editing! (which I'll be back at this very wonderful evening!

Life has been good! I will admit I've had a few blogs dance throughout my  head over these past weeks. Ones that include my aw of driving across country.
Ones about the on going "Occupy" sit-ins around the globe.
Ones about the rhythm of this city, music, my family and that big beautiful ocean that is only 7 (really long) miles away from my new home.

I'll see which ones I have the chance to post. I'd mush them all into one, but that would be a very long post, and lets be honest, who really wants to read a 14 page blog post?

But... life IS good. Life IS great.

I'm looking forward to all the new adventures I have to look forward to in my life, while I work out the other kinks that I couldn't seem to leave in Cleveland (I'm too hard on myself, but someone needs to be.)

But still - I AM thankful.
In my 36 years I've had the honor and of meeting honor and friending some amazing people. I've had the privilege of being able to do, for the most part, exactly what I want with my life. I can sit here and look back knowing, accepting and understanding that the life I've had is the direct effect of the decisions I've made.

People like to post on twitter and facebook a slew of things they're grateful for during this month. For family, friends, food, shelter - and everything in between. I wish we could do that year round. Maybe no online, but in our own lives.

I'm off... I'll try to make it back on here at some point, but it's the holidays! And that means cleaning... :)

Happy Thanksgiving to all, even if you're not American or you don't celebrate this day. Just stop and think about what there is to be thankful for.

Trust me, it'll make your day so much happier!

love to all

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